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Man lists 10 things he has learned as a new dad and it's equally hilarious and relatable

Bonisile Mgidi is hands-on while taking care of his baby, and his parenting style as a man and a Black dad is busting stereotypes.

Man lists 10 things he has learned as a new dad and it's equally hilarious and relatable
Image source: Twitter/Bonisile_RMS

Being a parent to a newborn is a 24x7 job as one father found out. Bonisile Mgidi shared his journey of becoming a father and how it changed him and his schedule, and it's one of the most relatable things as far as parenting is concerned. Becoming parents is often romanticized in pop culture but Bonisile's here to break stereotypes to reveal that it's all shit. Literally. "Parenting a baby is all about poop. What color is it? When last did they poop?" he wrote in a Twitter thread, detailing his honest experience of being a dad to his daughter Mihla for over five months. It also breaks the stereotype of Black men not being good fathers. Bonisile is as hands-on as it gets and a role model for any parent out there. 



Bonisile learned on the job and now has his own playlist to put the baby to sleep. He also learned from experience that he needs to carry extra clothes for the baby and for himself. Here's Bonisile's amazing thread and the pearls of wisdom he had for new parents:


































Bonisile spoke to Bored Panda about what surprised him the most about becoming a new dad. “I know it sounds stupid because what the hell were you expecting? But it is always there. It is not a bra you can take off at the end of a long day or a belt you can unbuckle," he said. "This shouldn’t have surprised me but it did. A baby is just always there, you have to live for yourself and for it too. It’s weird having another person this reliant on you.”





Bonisile also said that parenting during the pandemic has been a blessing as he and his partner were working from home and were very involved in raising their child and sharing the responsibilities. “I know that tomorrow and the day after that there is a 90% chance I will be at home with my partner and child just shutting the whole world out,” said Bonisile. He added that everyone has their own parenting style and it's about finding what works for your child, you and your partner. "We are defining our own parenting, challenging our cultures and taking in as much information as we can, and seeing how we can adapt that to our personalities," he said. 



Others lauded his parenting style and so many people found it relatable. "I've been a single dad for almost his life, I raised my son alone without his mom when he was 3 months old and today he's 3 years 8 months. Imagine as a man keep changing Nappies every time you with him, but I got used to that and it started building a close bond to us as Father and Son❤️," wrote one person. Many hands-on dads shared adorable pictures with their kids and their own personal experiences as well and added that Bonisile Mgidi's thread was very relatable. 








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