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Man knocks on strangers' doors and offers to pay their rent: "Are you an angel?"

YouTuber ThatWasEpic went around a neighborhood to pay strangers' rent and it truly was epic.

Man knocks on strangers' doors and offers to pay their rent: "Are you an angel?"
Image Source: ThatWasEpic / YouTube

Rent money in this economy is pretty hard to come by. It's likely that by your age, your parents were already saving up to by a house - and were more than halfway there. However, Millenials have to deal with skyrocketing rents and a minimum wage that hasn't changed in years. Therefore, when someone offers to pay your rent, it can feel like a literal angel has descended from the heavens to bless you. At least that's how most people reacted when YouTuber ThatWasEpic, whose real name is Juan, went up to their doorsteps and offered to pay their rent money in cash. Since it was first posted, his video has gone viral.




In his video, you can see the YouTuber knocking on random people's doors and asking them how much they pay in rent. Some are hesitant to answer, but they eventually do. Once they tell him how much they pay in rent, he pulls out a wad of cash from his back pocket and counts out hundred-dollar bills to hand to them. While he does so, the renters stand by in confusion, wondering what he's up to. Only when he hands the money to them do they realize that he wants to pay their rent money. Some are moved to tears, while others are completely in shock. One man even asks, about to shed tears of joy, "Are you an angel?"



"Why?" The man asks after being handed the cash, then states, "You know, I've been praying about this? I don't have rent money for tomorrow." The video was filmed at the end of the month, which made sense to the YouTuber. The man explains his financial situation, sharing details about how he had just moved and switched jobs. He even calls his wife so they could both thank Juan for his kind gesture. The man hugs the YouTuber before they bid each other goodbye.



After the video went viral, people took to the comments section in order to appreciate the YouTuber's act of kindness. Referring to the man who called Juan an angel, a user stated, "I’m not gonna lie, the first guy kind of made me cry a little." Others were inspired by his philanthropy, such as this user who posted, "I swear this is what I would want to do. Seriously. Just need the money to do it." One user commented, "I straight up cried. [I] don’t care if he did it for show, he clearly had joy doing this. I’m so thankful for men like Juan! Thank you for your help!" And they were right, the YouTuber did have a good time simply helping people out. He wrote, "Favorite video I’ve ever done. So amazing that we’re able to make videos like this now. It wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. Thanks for everything." Just goes to show that while you may not be able to do all the good the world needs, the world truly needs all the good that you can do.



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