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Domino’s driver demands a huge tip but people side with him after learning it was during a snowstorm

A man shares a video of him complaining about a delivery personnel's behavior after getting a $2 tip, but the response is opposite to his expectation.

Domino’s driver demands a huge tip but people side with him after learning it was during a snowstorm
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@freedom_hustler

Tipping has become a huge topic of controversy all over the country. There are valid arguments on both sides—customers and employees. Customers feel that the responsibility of a person's wage should not be on them but on the establishment they are working for. At the same time, employees are of the opinion that such a drastic system change will take a long time to implement and they cannot afford to live without proper wages for that duration. @freedom_hustler in his viral video on TikTok, showed a conflict between him and his delivery partner regarding tipping. But contrary to what he expected, people took the delivery personnel's side because of the circumstances.

Image Source: TikTok/@freedom_hustler
Image Source: TikTok/@freedom_hustler

The video begins with a Domino's deliveryman coming to the door and giving the man his ordered pizza. It started all civil, with the man expressing gratitude for the delivery by saying, "Hey, thanks a ton." The conflict began when the delivery man decided to give his piece of mind, clearly bothered by the tipping situation in place. He screamed, "Yeah, whatever, for a sh***y $2 tip." Thereafter, the man stormed off, saying to the customer, "I should have you guys come to the f*****g store." The man was holding his phone and clearly bothered by the exchange, retorted back to the delivery personnel, saying that he got it all on camera. He threatened the delivery man with disciplinary action.

Image Source: TikTok/@freedom_hustler
Image Source: TikTok/@freedom_hustler

This further agitated the driver, who blasted off as he was going his way, saying, "A storm like this—you don't want to get your food." The customer, too, was losing his patience, as he believed that he shouldn't be subjected to this attitude after giving 20% in tips. He got pushed over the edge when the conversation became more heated and the personnel made a threat to his life.

The man went inside his home and contacted the customer executive to tell them what had gone down. He said on the phone, " person shows up and starts cursing us out...because we gave him 20% in tip instead of more." The conversation went on for some time and he got to know that this was a pattern of behavior for the deliveryman. He always makes his opinion known whenever he feels that the tip given is not justified. This complaint might become the last straw for him and get him fired.

The man was clearly jaded by the reaction and asked the executive whether there was a chance his food had been spat in. Though the executive told him that there were no worries in that regard, he should probably steer clear of them. The man thought that the reaction to the video would be similar to what other such complaints against tipping have gotten on the platform.

Most of the time, people agree that tipping should not be forced on people and it is the corporation's job to take care of their employees. But shockingly, the tables were turned. People thought that the delivery personnel actually deserved a better tip owing to the snowstorm and it was the man who was in the wrong.

Image Source: TikTok/@bigdogdaddy29
Image Source: TikTok/@bigdogdaddy29
Image Source: TikTok/@bazmountain1234
Image Source: TikTok/@bazmountain1234

The comments section found the delivery man's demand to be justified owing to the circumstances. @proconstit called out the real enemy and commented, "Why are we fighting each other? These big companies need to pay their employees better. Delivery is part of the business." @helenfaye6 shared their experience and wrote, "I tipped $20 to a lady that came when it was freezing weather! You should’ve tipped more with that snow!"


Seeing the reaction the man made several follow-up videos. In the first one, after being criticized for calling Domino's and putting the delivery personnel's job in danger, the man made it clear he did so because of the threat to his life. Otherwise, he would have let it go. He also clarified that the man was lying and the tip was actually $5. In the next one, he poked fun at people bombarding him with negative comments by thanking them for making him money. Thereafter, he gave his own take on the tipping culture. "When I worked fast food for many years, I would be stoked out of my mind to get a $5 tip to drive one mile." He shares that in today's age, the focus is on money rather than the job at hand. People are more attentive to the money they can take back home than to completing their work proficiently. The man believes that money should be a consequence of well-done work. The third follow-up has the man talking with an Amazon driver, who also shares his opinion about prioritizing smooth service over money.


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