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Man goes viral for finding obscure bagel shop location from video. They honored him with his own bagel.

Trevor Rainbolt, known for his ability to pinpoint precise locations of images, helped identify the location of a bagel that went viral.

Man goes viral for finding obscure bagel shop location from video. They honored him with his own bagel.
Image Source: TikTok | @georainbolt

When an online user shared a video of a bagel calling it the "greatest sandwich I've ever had," he refused to share the location from where he got it. That is until Trevor Rainbolt stepped in. He has a huge online presence after becoming famous for pinpointing precise locations of where images were taken, no matter how obscure they are.

Recently, he went viral after he identified the location of the bagel the other internet user was talking about. Rainbolt quickly identified the bagel shop (New York City’s Bagel Market) after searching for more than 38 hours. He also found out the type of sandwich and where the original poster was seated in the video. "168 William St, NYC. You can order it by asking for 'the rainbolt,'" Rainbolt revealed on Twitter.


Rainbolt admitted that he put in a lot of effort to find the bagel shop. "I'm going to be vulnerable: I've spent 38 hours this week (42 hours last week) looking for a bagel on Google Maps. The bagel is in NYC. I have all possible bagels narrowed down. I will find this bagel. And I will not give up," he tweeted Saturday. 

Later, he urged users not to hide great food recommendations from others at the risk of becoming mainstream. "Let this be a lesson to all. Do not gatekeep food. I will find it. And I will make sure, you eating it is 100x harder than you ever would want," he wrote.


However, why did Rainbolt tell users to ask for the sandwich using his name? He replied to one user who asked the question, saying, "Because I got the bagel shop to name the bagel after me. So, if he ever wants his bagel again, he will have to order in shame."

Bagel Market owner Jimmy Stathakis confirmed to NBC News that the sandwich was indeed named after the internet super sleuth. It's ingredients? Egg, cheese and avocado on a bagel. “It has been a fun few hours from the initial ask if that’s our bagel to recognizing the blue bag in the back to the posts going viral,” Stathakis said.


Rainbolt gained interest in the unique activity by using GeoGuessr, a type of geography quizzing tool powered by Google Maps that shows an image where players have to guess the location. The internet sensation took time, practice and intuition to hone his skill. While speaking to The Washington Post last year, he said, “Once you see the countries and their soil colors. it’s just human intuition. Can I describe to you why I think that it looked like it was Nigerian soil? Probably not, but it does. It’s just part of that sixth sense you pick up on when you play the game so much.”

A niche community has been formed over the years where people do not just look for locations but also specific sports games and video games shown in the background in movies and television shows. “It’s really, really cool to see more mainstream people get behind it,” Rainbolt added. “I’ve been doing the same thing I’ve been doing for the past year in front of 10 people on Twitch. To see it finally get recognition from people is insane. Honestly, it’s so cool.”


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