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Man helps struggling restaurant by boosting their business with a social media post

When he saw the restaurant owner desperately waiting for more customers, he decided to do something about it.

Man helps struggling restaurant by boosting their business with a social media post
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Nick Chappell

Kindness is one of the greatest virtues any human being can have. It makes the world a better place and helps people in adverse and trying times. A man in Oklahoma decided to show a little kindness to a struggling local restaurant. He took to social media to talk about the restaurant and in no time, the place was flooding with customers.


A hot dog place in Oklahoma named "Spirals: Hot Dogs & More" was desperately waiting for more customers to come in on December 20. The owner of the restaurant, Scott Hosek, was waiting by the door in the hopes that someone would walk in to grab a bite. That's when someone decided to take his picture and share it on social media. The post resulted in heavy traffic at the restaurant because it went viral. That someone who posted Hosek's picture was Nick Chappell.


Hosek spoke to USA Today about this, mentioning how he was astounded by the sudden influx of customers at his restaurant. He shared that on that particular day, he was feeling quite bummed about the fact that even after four years of family business, there wasn't much traffic at his restaurant, despite it being the holiday season. However, he was clueless when customers started flooding in. He said, "We immediately started doing double digits in sales. It happened fast to me." He finally did meet the angel responsible for this massive influx when Chappell told Hosek about the post he posted. He also offered to take the post down, but Hosek didn't mind. He was just amazed by the power of social media and how the least expected stuff sometimes works out and goes viral.


Chappell was in the area for his job as an Oklahoma Army National Guard and he and his coworker went to Spirals as part of their weekly hot dog Wednesday routine. He saw Hosek's pose by the door and sent it out on Snapchat. Chappell said, "A good buddy of mine named Chad said, 'Hey, man, you can either post this on Facebook or I'm going to post this on Facebook. Some way or another, we're going to get this guy some customers.'" That's why Chappell did it - and we are so glad he did. Along with Hosek's picture, he also recommended the restaurant to his friends and called the dishes and service "off the charts." The post got over 2000 shares and went viral, resulting in a massive increase in Spirals's guests.


To make things even more happy and wholesome, Hosek added a new item to his menu called the "Thunderbird," which is a hot link with bacon, cream cheese and jalapeños. The name comes from the Thunderbird Unit Patch for the 45th Infantry, of which Chappell is a part. Chappell is now undoubtedly forever part of the Spirals family. He also posted about it on Spirals's Facebook Page. Hosek said, "To know that it was a humble guy that just saw our need and did what he could. He doesn’t have a real following on social media, he hardly ever shares anything and to know that one post had so much power. It was super cool." This whole story is no less than something that was meant to happen, that did happen and it happened for good.


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