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Man has been hilariously pranking friend who messed up his hair in 4th grade for decades

His friend messed up his hair once back in the 4th grade. Years later, the man still finds mischievous ways to get back at him.

Man has been hilariously pranking friend who messed up his hair in 4th grade for decades
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio; (R) Reddit | u/frenglish

A majority of people give much care and importance to hair as it has the power to bring out the personality of a person. So, when someone messes up your hair, whether it is a barber or a prank played by a friend, you are bound to get offended. Reddit user u/frenglish experienced this when a friend messed up his hair in fourth grade. However, the man shared that he decided to get back at his friend in the most hilarious way possible. He mentioned that when he and his friend were in the fourth grade, on a Friday, which was on the 13th of the month, his friend decided to play a prank.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| RDNE Stock project
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project

The man said, “A buddy of mine decided that on Friday the 13th, he would mess up my hair while saying ‘la machine!’” He shared that his friend came up with a harmless prank, considering the day to be Friday the 13th and he decided to get back at him with another prank. “I can't say it bothered me, but I decided that I would find a way to do that to him on eve Friday the 13th from then on,” he shared. He chose to go out of his way and take the trouble to live up to what he decided to do back in the 4th grade.

It’s safe to say that it became a sort of memorable tradition which was adorably hilarious. The man said, “We live states away from each other now and I still will contact one of his friends or wife or neighbor and ask them to mess up his hair on Friday the 13th.” The user also shared that he tries his level best to ensure someone fills in though they’re states away. Though he missed out on a few given the distance, he said, “We're 52 now and I still manage to get someone to mess up his hair every Friday the 13th.”

Sharing one of the most delightful examples, the man said, “The best one involved me calling his neighbors.” He then revealed that he had dialed up numbers one at a time, which were found by googling the names from county plat maps. Imagine someone taking all of this trouble from another state just to mess up your hair regularly. He added, “I happened to find a guy who was going to a dinner party with my old friend that evening.” The man got his thinking cap on and made this hairy affair worthwhile.

Image Source: Reddit? u/imsooldnow
Image Source: Reddit | u/imsooldnow

“I had him mess up his hair mid-dinner party while saying ‘la machine- <frenglish2> says hi!’" said the man. With nearly 9K upvotes, users on the platform found the story mind-baffling. What a unique and fun way to keep a bond crazy and upbeat. People shared their stories and also applauded the man for his skillful thinking. u/CanAhJustSay said, “I love that on the days you missed, he was probably wondering when it would happen the whole day!!” u/Pro_Contrarian said, “That is awesome! You’ve inspired me to start a running joke with someone else.”

Image Source: Reddit/u/AgincourtSalute
Image Source: Reddit | u/AgincourtSalute

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