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Man gives neighbor who returned his parcel to shipping office a taste of their own medicine

An individual tactfully deals with a frustrating neighbor because of whom they received their parcel a week later.

Man gives neighbor who returned his parcel to shipping office a taste of their own medicine
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Artem Podrez; Reddit | u/JHW7753

It is vital to maintain a cordial and diplomatic relationship with one's neighbors. Doing so enables all parties to live more harmoniously. But some neighbors can be quite a piece of work. u/JHW7753 shared the frustrating story of his neighbor's behavior when it came to deliveries and how he tackled it. The post has gone viral, amassing 20K upvotes and 1.3K comments on the platform.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kindel Media
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kindel Media

The man begins by sharing that he was not friends with his neighbor. They had a more passive relationship where they simply waved to each other whenever they crossed paths. The individual writes, "About a year ago, my wife had ordered something for one of our kids and it was delivered to the wrong house. Our house numbers and mailboxes are very similar and easy to confuse." He initially did not have any idea where the package ended up.

So, after a few days, he contacted the delivery service and received a photo of his box where it was sitting on their neighbor's porch. He assumed his neighbor had it and walked over to pick it up. It turned out that the neighbor didn't have it. The neighbor said, "I brought it back to the shipping hub. I was heading in that direction anyway." Because of his neighbor's incompetence, the package ended up taking five more days to arrive.

One fine afternoon, the man happened to be working from home when he saw a box delivered to his porch. He found out that the package actually belonged to their neighbor. It had arrived at the individual's place because of his very similar delivery address. He examined the package and discovered that his neighbor had paid extra shipping charges for what was presumably some electronic device that cost him a whopping $31.39.

He writes, "My neighbor assumably ordered a laptop by the weight of it and rushed it over." The individual decided to creatively get back at the neighbor by immediately taking his package to the shipping center. He also deliberately went there late so they would not return the package to the neighbor on the same day. The following day, his neighbor shows up at his door with a photo of their package on the individual's porch.

He told the individual that it was a very important package and that they needed it urgently. The individual informed him that he took it back to the shipping center so that it could be re-delivered. This reply infuriated the neighbor and he asked why the man did such a thing. He replied, "That's the exact same question I asked you when you did it previously. Just thought this was what you wanted going forward."

Image Source: Reddit | u/alisonchains2023
Image Source: Reddit | u/alisonchains2023
Image Source: Reddit | u/DistinctRole1877
Image Source: Reddit | u/DistinctRole1877

Having got a taste of his own medicine, the neighbor went away "shaking his head dramatically." People absolutely loved the way the individual handled the situation and expressed their views about it in the comment section. u/321Tomo pointed out, "Never ceases to amaze me when people can't understand they can't cross the bridge they burned." u/Tallguy71 said, "The best thing you could've done. Make them feel the same frustration they gave you. No remorse!" Later, the man realized what he and his neighbor did was "petty."

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