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Man gives epic response when asked for proof of car not being delivered: 'I guess I'm walking'

The man claimed he was asked to provide proof by Nissan after he raised a complaint about the car he ordered not being delivered to him.

Man gives epic response when asked for proof of car not being delivered: 'I guess I'm walking'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @golden_croissant

It is frustrating enough when an order we'd been eagerly awaiting doesn't get delivered and then we have to call up a helpline and file a complaint. But sometimes, we are made to jump through several more hoops to register our grievances as we're asked for proof validating our complaint. While this makes sense in the case of a wrong or damaged product being delivered, how is someone supposed to show proof for something that never arrived?

This is what happened to one man who did not receive the car he'd booked and was asked by Nissan to give proof for the same. Sebastian Rivera (@golden_croissant) took to TikTok to share how he hilariously handled the baffling predicament. His video has garnered 14 million views since it was uploaded on May 21. In the amusing clip—captioned "I guess I'm walking"—Rivera is initially seen doing his dishes while the text overlay on the video reads, “Told Nissan my car was never delivered... they said they wanted proof.”

Image Source: TikTok | @golden_croissant
Image Source: TikTok | @golden_croissant

Rivera is then seen pointing to an empty driveway and trying to unlock the nonexistent vehicle in the space before the screen switches to the pièce de résistance of the video: a photoshopped image of Rivera floating in thin air as if he were seated in an invisible car. As amusing as his video is, it is unclear whether his claim is true. He shared a similar video in March claiming that he was asked for proof after his DoorDash order never arrived. In the clip, he revealed his empty front doorstep and kitchen table to seemingly denote that his food wasn't delivered.

After Rivera's video went viral, The Daily Dot contacted a Nissan spokesperson for comment, and they said: "Nissan sent Sebastian a message offering to research his delivery issue. While we’ve not yet received a reply, we’re pleased to see the creator making great use of Nissan’s Zero Gravity Seats, available on many visible automobiles across the Nissan lineup.”

TikTok users also had interesting comments to add to Rivera's situation. @Yaquelin Medrano commented, "The way I screamed. Ironically I work for Nissan" @breejinsu commented, "Nissan next email 'so what you sitting in on the last slide. Bye." @Ottyscreations commented, "You should have added Ms. Puff to the invisible boat mobile." @Pedro wrote, "LMFAOOO someone said he stole Wonder Woman Car."@starrkidd noted, "Nice color for the invisible boat mobile, I got mine in the same color with a jellyfish bumper sticker." @aquariusortiz commented, "He didn’t get his Nissan car but got the invisible boat mobile."

Image Source: TikTok | @golden_croissant
Image Source: TikTok | @golden_croissant

In another story about a delivery, a delivery driver thrilled upon being gifted a vest by a store on her delivery route. The video of the moving interaction was uploaded byby u/Rheinmetal and captioned, “We gave our UPS lady a vest.” In the video, the woman can be seen dancing with joy after being gifted the vest by a store employee. After a while, she asks the person who gave her the vest if it was really hers and he says, “Yes.” She gives him a hug before dancing out the door. She shouts, “Let’s go,” in the end. The person recording the video can be heard laughing throughout, thrilled by the driver’s heartwarming response to their gift.


This video received the love of many as it gained over 30k upvotes and several comments. u/areodjarekput commented, “My favorite part of this video is the dude that gave it to her is also wearing a vest.” u/LaionneEcossaise wrote, “Her pure joy is so heartwarming!” u/19nickel19 mentioned, “So awesome to treat your drivers like this!”

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