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Man gives 25 hilarious examples of what it's feel like to be a father of three kids

Being a dad is not a joke and this man's experiences sum up what it is like to be a father to not one, but three kids.

Man gives 25 hilarious examples of what it's feel like to be a father of three kids
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Kindel Media; X | @dadmann_walking

Nobody is ever prepared to become a parent unless they welcome kids into their lives. It's a beautiful journey of raising your offspring, but at the same time, it comes with its fair share of challenges. If you thought only moms are out there navigating through parenting duties, then you might be wrong. Dads don't have it any easier either. They have to set an example for their kids all the while handling their tantrums, disciplining them and putting in a lot of effort to raise them. They also wake up in the middle of the night to put the kids back to sleep, answer their unimaginable weird questions and tackle their arguments.


It is difficult for dads to keep their heads in the game and become great guiding figures in their kids.' lives. Sometimes, these dads might lose their patience and sometimes, they might make mistakes as well. This is where one comedic dad comes in with his fun-filled commentaries. @dadmann_walking, is out there taking everyone on a trip consisting of reality checks with humor when it comes to parenting, especially being a dad to young kids. This father's social media is full of witty and accurate remarks about dealing with multiple kids in the household. He doesn't shy away from admitting that being a dad can get exhausting at times, but it's still worth it.

1. That's a bad idea


2. Kids and their tantrums


3. That joke dropped hard


4. Always have to give the kids what they want


5. Attacking dads with dad jokes


6. Sometimes they are smarter than a calculator


7. When they finally admit the truth


8. Seems unbelievable


9. How about exchanging kids?


10. Kids and the junk they hoard


11. How to deal with the triple threat?


12. Hold back your laughter


13. They don't really listen


14. Teenagers are more difficult than toddlers


15. What happens when parents go to sleep?


16. That's a complicated resolution


17. The kids always give you reminders


18. The mayhem that is about to happen


19. It will ruin their entire month


20. You don't see those kids sneaking up


21. Not everything needs to be renamed


22. Parenting is not for everyone


23. Kids won't let you have your moment of peace


24. Arguing with kids is a difficult job


25. The elf doesn't look too good


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