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Man garners support after woman cancels date because of his beach attire

People offer words of support to a man who was criticized in a rude manner for his beach attire by his date.

Man garners support after woman cancels date because of his beach attire
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Lum3n, Reddit | u/focksmuldr

Picking out an outfit for a date requires some effort, and people should pay attention to what they wear to ensure they impress their partner. Even though one need not wear a fancy outfit, it's ideal to dress simple and clean to impress when going on a date. u/focksmuldr shared a story about how the woman he was seeing criticized his dress for a beach date in a rude manner. The post has got 948 upvotes and 352 comments on the site. The 26-year-old man stated that he had been seeing a 29-year-old woman and that things were "moving quickly." 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Brett Sayles
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Brett Sayles

He wrote, "I liked her, she liked me, and she wanted to have our third date this past Saturday and she wanted to go fishing with me." The man decided to agree to her idea for the third date and messaged her the address. He assumed that the woman knew about the location since they had visited it when they went to the beach two days back. However, he owns up and admits that it was his mistake to make that assumption. The following day, the individual drove down to the woman's house and wore a black daft punk t-shirt, black swim shorts and flip-flops. As soon as she saw his outfit, she proceeded to make a remark about his footwear. 

The man clarified that they were going to the beach, which was when the woman revealed that she had no idea that he wanted to have a "beach day" when going to fish at the pier. He wrote, "She tells me I should've planned something else and didn't wanna do the beach again. I find a different fishing spot for us." The duo then got into the car, at which point the woman told him, "You really need to get a new wardrobe. Like, what you're wearing is really turning me off. I don't think I want to go fishing with you. I think we are at different points in our lives and I don't want to waste your time."

He was naturally not too happy to hear this and went back home alone. At the end of the post, he shared how he had dressed well for their first date and only wore the beach attire for the second date. He wondered if the woman expected him to do something grand. People who read the story provided the man with words of support for his dressing choice in the comments section. u/No_Detective_But_304 said, "You sort of dodged a bullet. Your story is inconsistent, but it wasn't your wardrobe. That was just an excuse. She didn't want to go fishing, or she thought you had a boat or something. Basically, your date sucked and she pulled the plug." 

Image Source: Reddit | u/Marshtamallo
Image Source: Reddit | u/Marshtamallo
Image Source: Reddit | u/Whole_Animal_4126
Image Source: Reddit | u/Whole_Animal_4126

A woman, u/Thick_Dealer_7527, commented, "As a 29-year-old woman who slightly judges a man based on what he wears, I say you should be glad she left. You went for a fishing trip, dressed for a fishing trip, and if she has a problem with that, it's on her. There is a time and place for nice clothes, and I also feel it is better to be able to chill and dress casually when the situation calls for it." u/hujambo11 pointed out, "She sounds crazy. Be glad it didn't go any further."

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