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Man finds loophole in new law banning XL bullies and drives them 200 miles to safety

When an unexpected ban resulted in people having to choose between their pets and a roof over their heads, Scotland proved to be the perfect loophole.

Man finds loophole in new law banning XL bullies and drives them 200 miles to safety
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Sammy Wilkinson

There are very few things humans love as much as they love their pet animals, especially dogs. Humans often go to extreme extents for the sake of their loyal canine companions and this is one such story. After a ban on a specific breed of dogs, this man does the unthinkable - he helps them cross borders to evade the law and be as free and happy as they'd like to be.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production

England and Wales introduced a ban on XL Bullies owing to quite a lot of attacks on human beings happening by this breed of dogs specifically. The bans states that this breed of dogs would not be allowed to be sold, abandoned, bred or even given away, reports BBC News. In the case of house pets that are XL bullies, owners will either need to euthanize their canine friends or simply fill out an exemption form. Even then, an XL bully would only be allowed in public with a muzzle and leash, without fail. However, there is a loophole. While England is set to impose this ban in the new year, nothing of this sort has been stated by the Scottish Government. Hence, a lot of people are taking their dogs across borders to allow them to survive in the new country.

Despite the loophole, there are a lot of people against this ban. While they were doing what they could, one man named Sammy Wilkinson crossed borders to ensure the safety of over 30 XL bullies. On New Year's Eve, hours before the ban, Wilkinson drove more than 200 miles from England to Scotland since the ban on having this breed of dogs didn't apply there, reports BBC. When Wilkinson was out on the road on 31st December to reach the Scottish border, he posted a picture on his Facebook. His caption read, "I’m absolutely exhausted and my car is falling apart but you’re not killing these Rishi Sunak, now it’s a race to the Scottish Border before midnight."


It was after his post on Facebook that support started pouring in. Someone named Lisa set up a GoFundMe page for Wilkinson. She wrote, "I'm putting this fundraiser together for Sammy Wilkinson. In hope that we can raise some money to help Sammy in saving even more XL Bullies." Surprisingly enough, the page raised about £9,000 for the cause. Lisa also added, "Sammy is currently driving day and night from the Black Country to Scotland, each time taking a group of XL bullies with him and finding them new homes in Scotland. About 30 dogs so far he’s saved and he’s still going!" This inspiring information was enough for people to happily donate.

Wilkinson was touched by this gesture and the big sum of money that was gathered. In response to what he planned to do with the amount raised, he posted on Facebook saying that he would be using the money to apply for exemption certificates for the XL Bullies as well as buy them some muzzles. He also thanked the people and added, "No matter how little you gave, just know you are hugely appreciated and if it wasn’t for people like you supplying the frontlines from behind the scenes none of this would be possible." It is people like Lisa and Wilkinson who care more than just themselves, who make this world a better place to live in.


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