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Man finds a closed case filled with unused photography equipment for just $17: 'That's quite a haul'

A photographer's setup, including a monolight, two light stands, two umbrellas and sync cords, were found inside the case, all unused.

Man finds a closed case filled with unused photography equipment for just $17: 'That's quite a haul'
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/michael1265

The phrase "Do not open" on a closed case often ignites a sense of curiosity within us, compelling us to defy the warning. Typically, such warnings are intended to deter us from accessing something potentially dangerous. However, there are rare instances when we are grateful that a daring thrift shopper took the leap and opened the forbidden case. Reddit user u/michael1265 shared a unique find that garnered over two thousand upvotes. The post included a picture of the exclusive find, which seems to be unused photography equipment.

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Alexander Dummer
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Alexander Dummer

The caption explained the lucky thrift as, "I found a closed case, at a local thrift shop. It was taped shut and marked 'Do not open.' Because of that, it had sat unsold and had been marked down from $100 to $17 over time. I am not a rule follower. Monolight, slave light, two light stands, two umbrellas, synch cords, never used." The user who was in and out of the hobby for 40 years can now practice photography well.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | u/michael1265
Representative Image Source: Pexels | u/michael1265

Thrift stores not only offer a wide array of secondhand clothing but also boast an extensive selection of other items, including homewares and miscellaneous goods. Exploring these sections can lead to significant savings on various household essentials such as dishes, cookware, glassware, small appliances, lamps and more. For aspiring photographers, in particular, stumbling upon a fortunate discovery at a thrift store can provide a valuable opportunity to enhance their craft while enjoying substantial cost savings.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

One Reddit user, u/Adorable_Disaster424, wondered, "What would all that roughly retail for if bought new?" To which u/AG24KT replied, "I've never heard of jtl systems before, but they seem like competent makers of lighting kits. You'd probably have to spend around 150$ for something of comparable quality at retail. You could spend around 100$ for a two-light setup like this, but you wouldn't get the same quality nowadays."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

Much like the buyer, the comment section was stunned because one can't help but wonder, 'What are the odds?' "It's hilarious that the thrift store sold it without opening it up. Could have been full of gold bullion," joked u/DenaBee3333. "Well, bois, you know it's a sign to get back into photography," commented u/mattiscool3. "Wow, what an incredible oversight on the part of the thrift store! I would have thought in order to sell it that it would have been the first thing they did. Nice find! And for someone in and out of the hobby for so long, based on your other comment, I would take it as a pretty strong sign, lol," added u/Argo_York.

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Terje Sollie
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Terje Sollie

In another odd chance, one Reddit user, u/Erinzzz, found a great deal in a thrift store. On the same subreddit, they displayed their new 11-inch salad bowl from The Great Alaskan Bowl Company. This one was originally priced at $119. "Wow! I scored a $119.11 wooden bowl from The Great American Bowl Co. (AK) for one dollar at a garage sale! Just in time for Big Salad Season," they explained.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Erinzzz
Image Source: Reddit | u/Erinzzz

The bowl purchased by the Reddit user from The Great Alaskan Bowl Company is biodegradable. The company also claims to have a low to zero waste manufacturing facility, which means that nearly all of the wood and sawdust generated during manufacturing is used up or donated. Because making wooden bowls may result in deforestation, this Reddit user has maximized their low-impact lifestyle by purchasing this wooden bowl secondhand from a company that already attempts to cultivate wood sustainably.

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