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Man explains why adults should also make bucket lists to have more fun this summer

A man shared his thoughts on how adults could have more enjoyable summers if they started making bucket lists.

Man explains why adults should also make bucket lists to have more fun this summer
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @pattydelux

Summer vacations hold a special place in most children's hearts. It is seen as a period with endless possibilities. It is the time of the year when most kids eagerly look forward to having their share of adventures. However, the older we get, these holidays that once seemed so alluring do not seem to be as fun anymore. There could be many reasons for this, but Patty—who goes by @pattydelux on Instagram—explained why older individuals did not find much joy during the summer holidays.

Image Source: Instagram | @pattydelux
Image Source: Instagram | @pattydelux

Patty starts the video by saying, "I genuinely think the reason summer doesn't hit the same as an adult that it does as a kid is because we stopped making these lists right here." Behind Patty, viewers get to see a very detailed and colorful paper titled "Summer 2021 Bucket List," which contains 50 things that one will ideally want to do over summer vacation. The list begins with the slightly complex task of finding a job to more simple ones like baking or getting a fish. There are many other creative things to do, like dip-dying one's hair, sleeping outside, catching a sunset and learning to do a backflip, all of which are sure to make any person's vacation much more fun.

Image Source: Instagram | @pattydelux
Image Source: Instagram | @pattydelux

Patty explains, "We were setting goals, we were holding ourselves accountable." The creator points out how most people are making itemized lists as a guide to ensure that they have a lot of fun during the vacation. He expresses how the end of the list contains a "due date" by which all tasks must be completed, giving it a certain sense of importance. The man further mentions how most kids are not "messing around" when planning what they will do over such a long period of holidays.

However, as adults, most individuals tend to become complacent, according to him. "We're fine to just stay home. We don't worry if we can't learn to do a backflip," Patty reflects. This is why the summer will pass by for most adults, providing them with a very "mediocre" experience altogether. The man concludes the video by imploring viewers to start making bucket lists for the summer and that individuals should not care how old they are when doing it. People who watched Patty's video wholeheartedly agreed with his views and shared their opinions about bucket lists in the comment section.

@sydslink said, "Okay, but I did this again last summer and it was the best summer I've had since 2016. And so, I think he's right." There seemed to be many people who continued to make summer bucket lists even after they became adults. @chloegrozdina shared, "I actually never stopped making these lists and maybe that's why summer has remained my favorite season forever." @sabrinas_lovely commented, "Omg, I'm inspired. I'm doing this. You're so right." @cristaflores_ pointed out, "It's cause that first goal on that list stops the rest of them."

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