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Grubhub driver visited animal shelter just to deliver food but left the place with a furry companion

Fate worked its magic when a delivery man formed a wholesome connection with a dog the moment he met him at Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

Grubhub driver visited animal shelter just to deliver food but left the place with a furry companion
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Mia X; PEOPLE | Alan Moncayo

It's amazing how pets have a way of sharing a beautiful, sometimes instant bond with their humans. One such incident recently unfolded at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, Lorton campus, Virginia, when a Gruhub driver stumbled upon a dog in the shelter home and instantly felt a strong connection, according to PEOPLE. What happened next turned out to be a happy ending for the rescue dog, Jihoo.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | David Mcelwee
Representative Image Source: Pexels | David Mcelwee

Single dad Alan Moncayo didn't expect to have a meet-cute with his prospective pet when he went to deliver the shelter manager's Grubhub order. Looking through the windows of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter was Jihoo, a 65-pound black-and-white pitbull mix. The pooch was staring right at the 51-year-old Moncayo and for the man, "it was love at first sight." He added, "He (the dog) looked at me, and I looked back at him." It was a lucky day for Jihoo because Moncayo's 5-year-old daughter Sabrina accompanied him that day. The single dad requested to meet with Jihoo because his young daughter had been asking him for a pet dog for a long time.

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The father-daughter duo played catch with Jihoo for a while and felt they "hit it off" with the four-legged angel right from the beginning. Last December, the shelter posted a video of Jihoo on Instagram and shared how such a good boy hadn't found a home for months. "Intelligent, affectionate and gentle are just a few of the words that describe this beloved pup," the post read. Rebecca Cavedon, communications manager at the Fairfax County Department of Animal Sheltering, stated, "He was super beloved by our staff. He would go on hikes, he'd go visit different parks, he loved playing with any and all squeaky toys. He even spent the day at our front desk greeting visitors — and that was the best day ever because he was so wonderful with everyone who walked in. He would jump up on the counter and wag his tail. He was just perfect."

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Fortunately, Jihoo caught the eyes of the kind-hearted father and daughter and was instantly adopted and found a new home. Also, thanks to the Super Bowl celebration weekend, the shelter hosted an event for large dogs where they waived off all adoption fees for pups over 45 lbs. Speaking about Jihoo's adoption after his 240 days in the shelter, Cavedon said, "His adoption is just so special. Bringing people and pets together is really the core of our mission. There's so much love and joy in adopting a pet," and added, "To see a pet that was so loved by our entire community thriving with his new family means everything to us."

Jihoo's pet parent was so grateful for not only finding the pet of their dreams but also for the shelter waiving the adoption fee. Also, Jihoo was sent to his new home along with a brand new dog crate, leash, toys and food from the shelter. Feeling over the moon about the newest addition to his family, Moncayo said, "He's so gentle, loving. He fits so perfectly in our family. We love him so much, it's such a blessing to our hearts."

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