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Man drops his GoPro from cruise ship to unravel the mysteries of the ocean underneath

A man dropped his GoPro into the ocean, capturing amazing footage of marine life.

Man drops his GoPro from cruise ship to unravel the mysteries of the ocean underneath
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Francesco Ungaro

The deep ocean has long captivated human curiosity, beckoning explorers with its secrets hidden beneath the water's surface. Odysseas Froilan decided to creatively use his GoPro to take a look at deep ocean life while aboard a cruise ship.

Representative Image Source | Jeremy Bishop
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jeremy Bishop

His video, posted on YouTube, has amassed 6.8 million views and 117K likes on the streaming platform. At the start of the clip, Froilan seems to be holding the camera, prepping it to be lowered down into the ocean. Within a few seconds, the camera is slowly lowered down alongside the ship's hull to uncover all of the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of the ocean. At first, we see the gigantic part of the ship underwater, with a school of fish swimming past it.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jeremy Bishop
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jeremy Bishop

The scene looks surreal as the fish swim close to the camera in a beautiful display of nature's beauty. After some time, a bigger fish comes by, seemingly curious about the camera, but immediately swims away. The video cuts to reveal that the camera has been lowered further down, looking into the vast blue nothingness of the ocean. Different varieties of fish continue to be seen around the camera until, eventually, viewers begin to see the ocean floor.

The GoPro eventually settles down next to a big chain that is clearly the anchor of the cruise ship. There appear to be even more fish near the ocean floor as the camera pans around. After some time, Froilan starts pulling the camera back up to the surface. Viewers get to see the hull of the ship from a completely different point of view as the camera slowly comes back up. The video cuts to go to the night footage that Froilan captured on the same camera.

Needless to say, there is much less visibility without the sun and next to nothing is visible as the camera is lowered. It does manage to briefly capture a shark going past the camera, making for a truly scary sight. There also seems to be much less fish compared to what was seen during the day. The ocean bed can be observed thanks to the camera's flash, but it looks much scarier at night. The GoPro is pulled up again to reveal a shark swimming right next to the camera, coming much closer this time before the video ends.


Image Source: YouTube | @scsi_joe
Image Source: YouTube | @scsi_joe
Image Source: YouTube | @deepcrows
Image Source: YouTube | @deepcrows

People were amazed and intrigued by the footage and shared their thoughts about it in the comments section. @calladeem240 suggested, "It might not be feasible, but how cool would it be if cruise ships had a few cameras on the hull so guests can always take a look at what's swimming around underneath them." @Marcomanexists said, "This is simultaneously one of the most interesting and terrifying footage I've ever seen. I'm fascinated by the ocean and marine life, but you'll never catch me anywhere near any large body of water."

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