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Man dresses up as his golden retriever's favorite chew toy and gets the most precious reaction

There is nothing this dog parent would not do for their precious fur buddy and it even includes dressing up as a giant Gumby toy.

Man dresses up as his golden retriever's favorite chew toy and gets the most precious reaction
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Ben Mesches

Pet parents never shy away from doing the most absurd things to give some joy to their fur buddies. A couple residing in Petaluma, California thought it would be great if they could surprise their golden retriever Jolene by dressing up as her favorite toy, Gumby. The couple Emily Crisp and Ben Mesches wanted to see how their dog would react when she spotted a life-size version of her favorite toy, per The Press Democrat.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Julissa Helmuth
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Julissa Helmuth

Jolene was given a Gumby chew toy as her second birthday present by her owners and she has been really attached to it since. "Ben decided to make her dreams come true," Crisp said, per the outlet, laughing. As Mesches dressed up in a life-size Gumby costume, which they already had in their closet, Crisp was ready with her phone to record Jolene's reaction. When the huge Gumby walked in, Jolene looked amazed and her reaction was precious.

"We both thought the video was hilarious so we decided to share it with our friends," Crisp said. The video posted on YouTube eventually went viral gaining millions of views. Jolene won't let go of the huge Gumby, which was actually Mesches inside the costume. The duo went out together in Petaluma and Crisp documented their time together throughout the evening. "We didn't think anything of it when we posted it, and then when we woke up the next morning it had millions of views," Crisp said.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Helena Lopes
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Helena Lopes


The couple was contacted by media outlets and social media users from all over the world who had seen their video. "They're just saying how much Jolene made their day, and how happy it made them," Crisp recalled. In the viral footage, Jolene can be seen playing with her small Gumby toy when Mesches in the Gumby costume emerges in front of her. Jolene slowly drops the little Gumby toy she was chewing on and approaches the Gumby which has come to life for her. Soon, Jolene is all over the huge gumby as the duo cuddle and roll around on the floor.



A humorous comment by @s_toma read: "Plot twist: he understands the fact that his owner dressed up as his favorite toy just to make him happy and he is overwhelmingly delighted by the depth of their love and affection for him." @joeysstuff6967 commented: "I like how he just looked up at him in disbelief like 'Omg I’m a big fan'." @lusciouzzgemiinii698 chimed in and wrote: "That initial pause was everything for me... lol he wanted the big toy to play with...oh the monster you’ve created kmsl." @xlilyisrandomx's heartfelt comment read: "Every time I see this I cry, not because I’m sad. Because this fills my heart with joy. Seeing Jolene’s reaction when you walked into the room was amazing. It makes me so happy, I wish I could have done this with my old dog when he was still here." @lilianapruitt155 expressed how happy the video made him and wrote: "Thank you, this made me SO happy. Doggo is loving his lifesize Gumby, he's adorable."  

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