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Man heroically dives into the ocean to salvage romantic proposal after fumbling engagement ring

Clyne finished his proposal as Tucker laughed uncontrollably, graciously agreeing to marry him.

Man heroically dives into the ocean to salvage romantic proposal after fumbling engagement ring
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@smclyne

On November 12, as dusk was falling, Scott Clyne was gearing up to pull off the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Suzie Tucker. However, not everything worked out according to plan for the couple's romantic boat proposal. The evening took a dramatic detour when the ring box dropped out of Clyne's pocket into the water and he instinctively dived into the ocean to retrieve it.

Clyne is now winning hearts on the internet after he shared a video documenting the entire incident on social media to remember the unexpected proposal. Clyne, 35, and Tucker, 32, can be seen in the Facebook video doing the famous "Titanic" pose while standing on the bow of the boat. Unfortunately, as Clyne starts to kneel down and pop the question to Tucker, the ring box falls out of his pocket and straight into the water. Clyne dove for the ring as quickly as he could to save his proposal. Luckily, he was able to get it back before it went too deep and finished his proposal to Tucker—who laughed uncontrollably—after a friend helped him get back on board.

Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok

"This is 100% real. 100% my luck. 100% will never forget..." Clyne captioned the hilarious video. In an interview with TODAY, Clyne explained why it was important for him to propose on a boat. "It's how we first met," he explained. "We met on a sandbar through mutual friends in Inglewood and it's our passion to boat. So I figured that the perfect proposal would be to do it at sunset with our two best friends and get them involved. It was a beautiful night for it until everything went wrong with the proposal."

The couple's buddies prepared rose petals and a banner that read, "Will you marry me?," while Clyne diverted Tucker's attention by recreating the "Titanic" position at the head of the boat so that she wouldn't turn around and notice the setup. When his friends gave him the go-ahead once everything was ready, Clyne moved to kneel while taking the ring box out of his pocket and it slipped from his grasp. "I went immediately in after it," he shared. "It just happened so fast."

Fortunately, the box briefly floated, allowing Clyne to grab it before it was permanently gone. His second attempt at the proposal was just as romantic; albeit a little less dry. Clyne claimed that when he jumped off the boat, Tucker didn't realize what had happened. "She said she was focused on the banner," he explained. "By the time the ring fell out, she thought I had actually fallen over. She was laughing hysterically, but she didn't even see the ring drop or anything."

The two also had a dinner reservation post the proposal where Clyne had planned to celebrate if she said yes. "I obviously didn't plan to be swimming and I didn't bring an extra pair of clothes," he said, "so I attended dinner soaking wet."


The video of the hilarious proposal is going viral on all social media, with a TikTok video posted on Clyne's account gaining over 8 million views. Many users expressed how adorable Clyne's reaction was. TikTok user @user691248940737 commented, "Some people just drop on their knees in a proposal but this guy literally dove in the ocean!" Another user @selenax.p commented, "'Your dad dropped the ring and jumped after it into the water kids I'm telling you don't settle for less.'" Facebook user Katie Bentley commented, "oh my gosh!!! congratulations!!! what an memorable way to propose too!"

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