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Man discusses the problem with dating a "chill girl": "She just didn't like me"

While many men dream of dating a 'chill girl,' this one guy who actually dated a 'chill girl' has a different opinion about them.

Man discusses the problem with dating a "chill girl": "She just didn't like me"
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @alexdrags

A lot of movies have been known to glorify this seemingly rare species of women who are supposedly "chill." What exactly is a chill girl, you might ask? She is said to be a breath of fresh air as she doesn't text too much, doesn't expect much and is easygoing. She is the dream girl of many guys.

But this one guy who actually dated a "chill girl" has a different opinion about them. In a TikTok video uploaded by him, Alex Dragicevich discussed his views on chill girlfriends. He also revealed that initially, "it was great," because she “didn’t text too much” and “wasn’t too jealous.” But he also said that the reason she was so chill was because she did not like him a lot.  

Image Source: TikTok | @alexdrags
Image Source: TikTok | @alexdrags

He also noted that she was "super chill" and "kind of the chillest girl possible." He added, "It turns out, she just didn't like me." Dragicevich noted that just like their relationship, their breakup was free of drama as well. She had claimed that “she needed to be alone” to which he replied, "Well, that checks out."

He even captioned the video, "Can’t get more chill than that." This video has been liked by many as it discusses the pros and cons of dating a "chill girl." Many TikTok users found the video interesting and they showered it with 114K likes and several comments. 

Image Source: TikTok | @alexdrags
Image Source: TikTok | @alexdrags

@almondandcheesecraisin commented, "I stay far away from guys who say they want a chill girl." @cjcoin wrote, "I am a chill independent woman. They all love it in the beginning. Then it becomes you don’t make me feel needed. Can’t have both boys." @user4883589337417 shared, "Chill girls are like 'it's been real and it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun.'" @not_anneliegha added, "I told my husband if you wanted a chill girl you should have chosen a dude. He didn’t have much left to say after that."

@ReshmaSekar626 elaborated, "If I’m not upset that he didn’t text or call that day, he should be very worried." @kerchie said, "The more possessive and crazy a girl is, the more she loves you. These are the rules." While @Shantel revealed, "My being chill was also me silently suffering instead of voicing everything. Not worth it ladies. Be not chill or don’t be at all."

It is true that every relationship is different but relationships need communication, empathy and care, and many times these do not align with what we consider to be "chill." This expectation from a relationship is rooted in not facing uncomfortable feelings and not being vulnerable enough. Although that might protect us from getting hurt for some time, it will also stop us from forming loving and meaningful relationships that can make us feel deeply fulfilled.

Also, setting an expectation where one is chill can be bothersome for one's partner as it leads to hiding emotional parts of their self. These can cause self-esteem issues and major conflicts in a relationship that can make it extremely unhealthy. Therefore to have a healthy relationship with our partner, we need to accept difficult feedback from them and work on becoming better individuals together!

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