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Man decides to make Christmas special for his cat with hilarious and useful gifts

Man buys the funniest gift for his cat and the video of the unwrapping leaves the internet laughing out loud.

Man decides to make Christmas special for his cat with hilarious and useful gifts
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @abram.engle

“If I fit, I sit" is a popular saying about cats on Instagram. The felines are absolutely in love with cozy bags and boxes. Their difficult-to-please nature is ironically another popular trait of theirs. So, when this cat owner wanted to buy a Christmas gift that his cat would love, he took a creative approach to find a suitable gift for his furry friend. His idea will surely give you a good laugh. Abram Engle—who goes by @abram.engle on Instagram— sets out a multitude of presents he bought for his cat Kurt. Considering Engle’s love for Kurt and the hilarious ways he tries to make him happy, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he got him some extravagant presents. However, the things inside the boxes left the entire comments section rolling with laughter.

Image Source: Instagram | @abram.engle
Image Source: Instagram | @abram.engle

The Instagram creator shows his cat the six presents he has for him, asking which present he wants to go for first. As the cat nudges one of the boxes, Engle unwraps the packing paper to reveal an empty box. He excitedly unwraps one present after another, all of which turn out to be empty boxes, which were Kurt’s actual Christmas presents wrapped in all their fancy Christmas paper glory. Later in the video, Engle expresses how his cat only used the boxes when he got him other gifts last year. “You know what? That’s fair,” the creator writes on Kurt’s behalf. Maybe his cat would want to use what’s inside the box next time. Engle goes on to say, “If you have a cat, you know the love boxes.” He advises all cat owners to buy boxes as presents for their fur babies. As Kurt gets into one of the boxes, the creator says he’s taking it for a test drive. The video ends on a hilarious note as Engle tells people that Kurt has been playing with those boxes for the past thirty minutes. Kurt sure loves his Christmas presents.

Image Source: Instagram | @abram.engle
Image Source: Instagram | @abram.engle

Engle not only nailed Christmas gifting, but he also managed to make cat owners laugh at the relatable situation. @just.bee.jay commented, “They are just as happy with the box. My cat had a favorite box for a good year before it started to cave in.” Another user, @akanksha_gupta07, added, “I just got a vacuum cleaner, so it came in a very big box and my cats were going crazy for it. Going in and out and playing. Cats are just so amazing."

Image Source: Instagram | @rodentrascalsadventures
Image Source: Instagram | @rodentrascalsadventures
Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram | @theinstinct.03

People also commented on how the cat was insanely lucky to receive so many presents. A few others dropped in suggestions for the creator to make his presents even better. @naylands1life wrote, “You should build him a massive box fort.” @_momgeles_ commented, “Now you must build him a mansion.” @empischke also pointed out the multiple uses of the gifts the cat received, “Kurt is a happy boy, he got his Christmas wish; his dad, his cars, his toys and his boxes.” People in general couldn’t stop adoring the fact that Kurt was absolutely in love with his presents. The video just goes to show that giving the right gift just takes a little bit of thoughtfulness.

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