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Man creates quirky commercial to intern with company, wins the internet: 'Full-time would be great'

He received a response from the Head of Design at CRED after many cheered for him to get a job at the company.

Man creates quirky commercial to intern with company, wins the internet: 'Full-time would be great'
Cover Image Source: LinkedIn | Karthig Saravanan

It's a bit difficult to stand out in today's time when so many candidates apply for an internship or a job. Many have the required skills and ideas however, only a few can implement them. Karthig Saravanan is one of the most talented candidates without a doubt. He made a quirky commercial for CRED, a company he wanted to intern with and the video is sure to leave you awestruck with his talent. Saravanan posted the advertisement on his LinkedIn page. It starts with the caption, "Hello. This is Karthig. I want to intern at CRED. So I made a commercial." It goes on to show the advantages of using CRED, like easy payments, timely reminders and rewards like CRED coins and discounts. It ends with CRED's logo and in-lay text, "Full-time would be great." The background music is catchy and the graphics are just perfect.



Saravanan's post already has more than 20,000 likes and about 130 reposts in 24 hours. Moreover, he received a response from Harish Sivaramakrishnan, Head of Design at CRED. He commented on his post, "Good work!" and later shared his email ID with Saravanan.

Many people on LinkedIn loved Saravanan's work and how he reached out to the company for an internship. Venkatesh Jambavalikar commented, "What an amazingly creative way to apply to the company you want to work with! Hard to ignore. Great going... 👏👏👏 Within 24 hours, you have become viral and boy, I must say, you definitely have grabbed the required attention... 🤩" Harsh Nath Jha wrote, "Intern? Bro, you literally deserve a marketing agency of your own." Cody Coumes commented, "The “full time would be great” at the end got me.❤️" Sofiyan Shaikh wrote, "I appreciate your way of internship application. This is what candidates suppose to do when asking for a job opening - you should showcase your capabilities in the form of work/projects. I wish you betterment and upward movement for your upcoming professional journey - Karthig!"

In his post, Karthig mentioned, "I'm a self-taught motion designer and illustrator who is looking for opportunities in motion designing and digital illustrations."


Talking about internships, in another story, to encourage vaccination, the White House collaborated with comedian Benny Drama in 2021. He features in a video as a White House intern, Kooper, which went viral on Instagram. It shows him as an assistant to former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Kooper can be seen wearing a short suit and walking around the White House doing different tasks.

At one point in the video, he tells Psaki that he has booked a nailed appointment for her and she says, "I didn't tell you to do that." To which Kooper responds, "It's called initiative." At another point, he can be seen texting, as Psaki notes, "We've come a long way in our fight against this virus. We've vaccinated 160 million Americans." Paski asks him if he's getting it all down, and he points to his head and says, "Don't worry, Queen, it's all in here." He can also be seen telling someone on the phone that “We need to get shots in the arms of every single American.” Benny captioned the video, "Let’s keep ourselves, families and communities safe, WE DID IT, JOE! And thank you to Jen Psaki for being the best girl boss in the world. ❤️"


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