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Man creates an entire VR world to keep visiting his beloved pet after she passed away

He found a beautiful, high-tech way to deal with his grief over losing his dog, Sam.

Man creates an entire VR world to keep visiting his beloved pet after she passed away
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @Wolkwhisky

Whoever said that a dog is a man's true friend and companion was onto something very true. Of all the animals that exist and have compassion of any kind towards humans, dogs rank first. They're as kind and adorable as they're fun and ferocious when need be. Dogs are loyal to a fault, a quality that isn't very visible in most human beings. That is why, once you've had a dog, a piece of your heart and soul will forever belong to them. What happens when this doggo passes on, leaving you to endure life alone? Well, one person found a beautiful way to deal with their grief.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production

Daniel—who goes by @Wolkwhisky on X (formerly known as Twitter)—shared a loving video with his dog, which he created using virtual reality. In the caption of the video, he says, "I made a 3D scan of my dog Sam a couple of years ago. She passed away 7 months ago, I still miss her a lot." This 3D scan of Sam lives on as the last real and tangible memory of her being happy and moving around Daniel and it is utterly beautiful. The video starts with a frame of the beach with the water gushing and rushing to reach the shore and then pans into a dog who's sleeping peacefully. The dog, Sam, is sleeping on a red checked shirt, which seems like it belongs to Daniel and is in her dreamland. She's surrounded by these beautiful purple flowers, which are shining in the light of the setting sun. There are also a few white, smaller flowers outside the purple one. Much like the ship in the video, sailing peacefully at a distance and yet seeming so close, Sam too sailed into his afterlife despite being so close to Daniel in his heart.


Daniel then says how he still visits her in this beach scene that he made in the @UnrealEngine in VR often. He goes on to explain why the beach is an important part of his and Sam's relationship and why he chose this beach background as the setting where he'd go to visit Sam. He explained this by saying that he and Sam were going to go to the beach for their last trip, but her health didn't allow them to do so. This was a lot like an unfulfilled plan because then Sam passed away. He says how wonderful it feels to still have this "backup memory" though, where he can see his precious little dog sleep. He says this is much different than an image because here he can see it in real size in virtual reality (VR). Hence, it feels like it is right there.


This is a wonderful way in which you can see those who are no longer there as if they were. It gives the heart a kind of solace that no medicine can. You also, on top of this, get an opportunity to share these lovely memories with your future generations and they'll be able to understand your emotions almost perfectly, thanks to these simulations! For other people who might also want to do this for their loved ones, he explained that this was a Reality Scan from Epic in the Beta.


He further explained and said, "I think now it's called Capturing Reality; you can try with Luma AI." A lot of people did use it as well. Right from pictures of their dogs sleeping to videos of them doing random things, people tried it all. This whole thread is full of wholesome memories and conversations between people who love their fur babies more than life itself and are terrified of losing them. Daniel did give an idea and some courage to a lot of people who love their fur babies and we love that so much.

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