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Man crafts ingenious plan to reveal new tattoo to mom after weeks of secrecy: 'Is it fake?'

When he eventually revealed it to her, the mom was shocked but the internet lauded his brilliant idea.

Man crafts ingenious plan to reveal new tattoo to mom after weeks of secrecy: 'Is it fake?'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @hollystuartt

Kids with strict parents come up with the most hilarious yet smart ideas to cover up for their mischief. No matter how hard they try to abide by their parents' rules and beliefs, there comes one point where they can't help but follow their hearts. For some people, this covering-up has to continue even as an adult. For instance, a video on TikTok recently showed how a son found the most perfect time to reveal the tattoo he had been hiding from his mom. Shared by his sister, Holly Stuart, this video garnered over 48 million views in less than a week and had the internet in stitches.

Image Source: TikTok | @hollystuartt
Image Source: TikTok | @hollystuartt

The son, Josh, seems to be enthusiastically waving to his mother from the departure gate at an airport. He deliberately rolled up his left sleeve to reveal the tattoo on his arm. At first, the mom sounded puzzled as she repeatedly asked, "What is that?" That is when he shows her the tattoo knowing for sure that she cannot cross the barrier. "Your brother has been hiding a tattoo from mum for weeks now and he shows her last minute before leaving for the States for three months," the text overlay read. Turns out, the mother was against tattoos. As Josh walked away, the mom asked the daughter who was behind the camera, "Please tell me that's fake. Is it fake?" Knowing that it was a permanent tattoo, the mom was out of words. She tried scolding Josh but he was long gone by then.

Image Source: TikTok | @eurowings
Image Source: TikTok | @eurowings
Image Source: TikTok | @skighjohnson
Image Source: TikTok | @skighjohnson

Throughout the video, Stuart couldn't help but burst into laughter. Even the airport security was amused by this hilarious interaction between the mom and the son. Many in the comments found this video too relatable. "My mum cried when I got my tragus pierced. I think she’d have a heart attack if I got a tattoo," @renee.aus commented. "My mom didn’t speak to me for 9 months when I got my first tattoo," @erickajane chimed in. "I will never understand parents getting so devastated over tattoos, piercings or hair color. I love that he just dipped out," @randi_stevenson18 shared. "This used to be my parents so I just kept getting more until they understood it’s my body, not theirs," @emma_atallah added.

Tattoos can be outrageous for some adults but for others, they can hold intense emotional value. For instance, the video of grandparents getting too emotional after their granddaughter revealed her tattoo of their names in their handwriting gained traction. Argentina-based Agustina Wetzel (@agustinawetzel) shared this wholesome video on X (formerly Twitter) and it touched many hearts. "I asked my grandparents to write their names for me 'for a practical project at the university' but in reality, they were to tattoo them on me, and I will keep their reaction forever," she mentioned in the caption.


As the elderly couple sincerely wrote down their names, they didn't expect it to be etched on their granddaughter's leg. When she revealed her tattoo, her grandparents couldn't believe their eyes. Her grandfather broke into tears and held Wetzel in a tight hug. Their priceless reactions to the tattoo moved everyone on the internet.

You can follow Holly Stuart (@hollystuartt) on TikTik for more family content.

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