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Man crafts clever strategy to outwit the person who stole wife's phone and credit card

The woman's phone was stolen and the frauds mercilessly maxed out her credit card and caused major problems for the couple.

Man crafts clever strategy to outwit the person who stole wife's phone and credit card
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio; Reddit | u/semiphonic

With the technology boom, cyber threats are becoming a growing problem. All it takes is for a person to get access to someone’s device and they can immediately begin causing damage. In such cases, the owners can only use astute action and hope for the best. Yet, u/semiphonic went a step further, concocting a hilarious lesson to teach the thief a memorable lesson. The man shared that his wife’s phone number was stolen and the person created a wreck for the couple.

Representative Image Soure: Pexels| Julio Lopez
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Julio Lopez

"My wife had her phone number stolen, the first we knew about it was when I called her from work and it went to the voicemail of a different network provider,” the post explained. The husband added that after the robbery, the person was meddling with her finances, apps, security logins and whatnot. “We locked everything down, but they managed to max out a credit card, it was a traumatic time for my wife, and I was ‘quite angry’ about it,” the husband exclaimed. After taking all the measures they could, the husband decided to try a witty way to fix the situation.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Andrea Piacquadio

“I toyed with the idea of getting a burner phone and making threatening calls, but I was warned off from doing this, but I needed to do something,” he said. He then thought of a new plan and this one was shrewd and hilarious at the same time. “I stumbled across a mention of an SMS bombing website on a sub on Reddit and I decided to have a look. Oh. My. Word. This was perfect,” he remarked. The husband immediately understood that the person would require the SMS system to acquire OTPs and other information to continue doing the damage and the plan seemed ideal.

He then shared that the system allowed him to send 200 texts at a time with a preference for a slow, medium or fast speed. The man then viciously decided, “I sent 200 at the fast rate, then 200 more. Then, I left it for about an hour and then sent 200 at the slow rate and then 200 more.” However, this was only the beginning of the hysterical comeback. When he figured one could schedule messages, he took the game up a notch and decided to ruin the hacker’s peaceful slumber. “I found that I could also schedule texts to be sent, only 25 at a time though, so I scheduled 25 to be sent every hour through the night,” he proudly said.

While the night was focused on the scheduled messages bombarding the unfortunate fraud, the husband had his peaceful winks. The next day, he continued to send the 200 texts as the previous day. He revealed that he had sent an annoying 6000 texts within 24 hours and to no surprise, the fraud gave in. “When I’d finished, I withheld my number and dialed my wife’s number. It was dead, it no longer existed. Mission accomplished!” he exclaimed. Readers were both amused and impressed by the husband's clever and humorous strategy. u/kimba0210 said, “Don’t be shy…. drop the SMS bombing site.” u/ToraAku said, “Nice, I like the way you solved this.”

Image Source: Reddit/u/RaiseJazzlike
Image Source: Reddit/u/RaiseJazzlike
Image Source: Reddit/u/Richardnoggin84
Image Source: Reddit/u/Richardnoggin84

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