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Man claims many Americans are forced to work at jobs they detest, sparking debate

There's nothing good about having to do a job you hate solely for the sake of doing it to ensure that you aren't forced to go to the streets.

Man claims many Americans are forced to work at jobs they detest, sparking debate
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Sora Shimazaki, Reddit | u/InevitableTraining69

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees around the world had the worst experience of layoffs. It was a difficult period for everyone, but especially those who were laid off in the middle of the pandemic without any notice. The issue of being fired even after giving your all to the job is highlighted in a story shared by u/InevitableTraining69, where they talk about how "America is broken right now. It feels like there's no hope for a better future no matter how hard you try."

Representative Image Source: Pexels  | William Fortunata
Representative Image Source: Pexels | William Fortunata

They begin the story by saying how they got laid off by a big Fortune 500 company that has billions of dollars in revenue every single quarter. The reason for the layoff was unprecedented economic times. Explaining their terrible condition, they said, "Just threw me out, told me to fight to get back into the company and acted like I was some ordinary person off the streets." This baffled and hurt them immensely because they had been recognized by his company and team. Not just that, the employee also had personal equations with people on account of them working late nights and weekends, attending corporate fun events, etc. However, it felt like all their efforts went in vain.

So, then they did what everyone who's been laid off would do. They sent around 2500 applications with cover letters, all written professionally by a resume writer, only to receive 10 interviews. Five out of them were for their old company itself, for which they were rejected. However, they did get another job. Speaking more about it, however, they said, "This is now been the worst job I have ever worked, my previous company was terrific. But now, I know I have no choice but to stay here as an indentured servant because if I don't work this job that I hate, I will be on the street homeless." They called this the reality of the people living in America today.

Representative Image Source: Pexels  | Alexander Suhorucov
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Alexander Suhorucov

Extending a few kind words and a piece of advice to people like them out there, they said, "If you don't want to work a job you don't like, your other option is homelessness. Yes, those are the choices you have right now laid out in front of you." They very seriously added and said, "You either spend 80 hours a week applying for jobs senselessly and hope you get one that you hate only a little bit or you get a job that looks great and ends up being one of the worst jobs ever but you have to stay there because if you don't stay there, you'll be thrown out onto the street because you can't survive even two months without an income these days." Lastly, they mention that America is all about sweeping the old and unwanted under a rug. He complained further and said, "America is doing nothing to make it easier for anyone to find a job, hold down a job or more importantly, survive in the case of losing their job. This is senseless and depressing." The individual's point of view started a debate on the platform. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/SuspendedResolution
Image Source: Reddit | u/SuspendedResolution

u/ihavereadthis commented on the post, saying, "10 years ago I was in college and my baby boomer economics professor warned us millennials and the next gens at one point that we will have to be on the streets and protest and go on strike again, just like what our previous generations did to ask for what we deserve more." u/luisvaldesjr said, "Yup, and even with a decent job, everyone is working to pay bills. Money comes in and goes right back out." u/TheAngryXennial said, "Working as intended by the rich and powerful, but we outnumber them, so I sit here and hope for people to come together."

Image Source: Reddit | u/NinjaElectron
Image Source: Reddit | u/NinjaElectron

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