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Man chronicles his life with annual birthday photo booth snaps of himself since the age of 18

Ellie Basty's father is 64 now but he has been taking self-portraits in photo booths every year on his birthday since the age of 18.

Man chronicles his life with annual birthday photo booth snaps of himself since the age of 18
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @elliebastyy

Our parents might not tell us regularly how much they love us, but they have special ways to show it. One TikTok user's dad has done so by passing on a tradition that touched the hearts of social media users since being made public. The birthday tradition involves him having his pictures taken at a photo booth every year for his birthday since he was 18.

Singer-songwriter Ellie Basty (@elbiebastyy) posted a video on May 26, sharing some photo booth snaps of her father from over the years. "My dad is 64 now. Wanna cry knowing he’s growing up too," she wrote in a comment.

Image Source: TikTok | @elbiebastyy
Image Source: TikTok | @elbiebastyy

The 20-second clip features a series of photos showing her father growing up and aging over time. In these photo strips, we also read a side note about where these pictures were taken. She explained that her dad also tried starting the tradition for her, but she started doing it on her own when she turned 18. We also see pictures of Basty with her father in the video. “Nov 4, 2003, Woolworth’s Sutton,” read a note beside a photo of young Ellie in her dad's lap.

Image Source: TikTok | @elbiebastyy
Image Source: TikTok | @elbiebastyy

People online truly loved these pictures, garnering the heartwarming video over 981.5k views and 236.9k likes on the platform. Soon, other TikTok users started pouring their responses to the video. @diana commented, "Just gave me a new tradition for next year." @MisterMurphy commented, "Does your Dad know we’re all in love with him now?" @eve remarked, "I do at least a few every year and I’ve already noticed the changes." @grinchslippers commented, "This is so cute but where are photo booths nowadays,” @Katie expressed, "This is practically an art project like gallery tier very cool." @maisey.langley wrote, "This is so heartwarming. He’s inspired me."

Our bonds with our parents are truly special. In another emotional video, a father was surprised to see all his daughters together after years for his retirement party. The heart-melting TikTok video posted by @courtney_partyof5 begins with the text overlay: "We surprised our dad for his retirement party by having all of his daughters together for the first time in many years." All the daughters can be seen waiting for their dad to arrive.

Image Source: TikTok/@courtney_partyof5
Image Source: TikTok/@courtney_partyof5

He slowly walks up the stairs and suddenly looks up to see his daughters waiting for him. He starts crying and then keeps walking upstairs. He goes up and hugs them while saying through tears, "You are all together!" One of his daughters tells him, "It's good tears. It's good tears." He then kisses their heads and says, "Thank you, Lord! My girls! My girls! What a surprise." The video concludes with a picture of him with all three of his daughters. The video went viral with more than 1.2m views and 163.7k likes. It is captioned, "Surprised our 75-year-old dad by having all his daughters in one place for the first time in years."

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