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Man brilliantly turns the tables on deceptive neighbor who stole things from his car

A guy ingeniously handles a deceitful neighbor's theft, devising a clever strategy to outsmart and expose their actions.

Man brilliantly turns the tables on deceptive neighbor who stole things from his car
Cover Image Source: Representative Photo (R) Pexels | Kindel Media, (L) Reddit | u/BigTex380

When moving into a new place, the one thing that an individual wishes for is a decent neighbor, who is nice and courteous and maintains ideal distance. Sometimes, owing to poor luck, people end up with a non-cooperative neighbor, but even in the worst cases, one can often find solutions with a calm mind. u/BigTex380 shared a story about his neighbor who went to the extent of stealing items from his car on Reddit and revealed how he brilliantly retrieved his items. The post has now gained a massive 18.9K upvotes on the platform, along with 418 comments. The individual starts by stating he lived in a rented duplex in his early twenties. He describes his neighbor as a "wannabe gangster type" who ended up breaking into his car at night.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Chikinbun
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Chikinbun

The build of the individual's SUV car with a removable soft top made it easy to sneak in and steal items inside it. The neighbor snuck in to steal the individual's stereo, amplifier and several CDs from his vehicle, along with other things. The next morning, u/BigTex380 discovered that his car had been broken into. That led him to immediately suspect his sketchy neighbor. Acting on his suspicions, u/BigTex380 checked the neighbor's windows to find his possessions lying on the floor. Acting on instinct, he pried open his neighbor's unlocked window to retrieve his items while a scheme hatched in his mind.

He writes, "It occurred to me that I could some excellent revenge here if I played it right." Instead of taking his stuff back and leaving, the individual borrowed a marker. He tactfully wrote his name on his belongings along with some of the neighbors' belongings that they wanted. After this, he climbed out of the window and waited for his neighbor to return. Shortly after the neighbor returned, the individual showed up on his neighbor's doorstep with the police and explained his discovery to the police team.  

Image Source: Reddit/Meow821
Image Source: Reddit/u/Meow821


Image Source: Reddit/-threems-
Image Source: Reddit/u/-threems-


Reflecting on the man's reaction, u/BigTex380 says, "He was not even close to ready for the encounter and almost certainly had drugs on him, so he was very cooperative given the circumstances." Not wanting to create any unnecessary trouble, the individual explained to the neighbor that he wanted his belongings back or he would be forced to press charges given the situation. The neighbor returned all of the individual's possessions. The police then went on to inquire about the other items in the neighbor's possession that had the individual's name on them. This left the neighbor "dumbfounded" and he was forced to hand away his own items to the individual in the process.

In a satisfying end to the story, the poster says, "The look on his face while he handed over his stuff to me while the cop was standing there was priceless." People on the platform commended the poster's brilliant plan to get his things back and shared their thoughts in the comments section. u/No_Proposal7628 commented, "Well played! Well played indeed!" u/Katiew84 said, "You are a genius. I love it! I think we need to be best friends."

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