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Man attending a work call while snorkeling turns out to be painfully relatable for many employees

The video is a reminder of the extreme lengths people go to for work and many professionals can relate to it.

Man attending a work call while snorkeling turns out to be painfully relatable for many employees
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Cuckoo by TH Tan

Some professions and work cultures make it difficult for a person to take a breather, even during the weekend or on vacations. A person might find themselves constantly answering emails or phone calls. A man's snorkeling experience is a hilarious representation of it all. In a video uploaded on Facebook from Cuckoo by TH Tan's account, the Malaysian salesman can be seen answering a sales call while floating in the water in the middle of snorkeling.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | John Cahil Rom
Representative Image Source: Pexels | John Cahil Rom

The man captioned the video, "When you're snorkeling and then the client calls you to know about the water filter... Must be done immediately" (Originally written in Chinese). The man raised his snorkeling gear and answered the phone as if it was an everyday thing for him to work while floating in the middle of the ocean. In an interview with SAYS, he said the incident occurred when he was in Pulau Redang. "Hello, Mr Chong, ah? I'll send you the quotation when I'm back. I'm floating in the ocean right now. I'll send it to you later, okay?" the salesman said during the phone call. "I'll call you if there's any changes. Three units? Okay, no problem," he added.

The clip amused people on the internet. They took to the comments to express their thoughts on the same video posted on Tan's (@tth2688) Instagram account. @stevenchong_dupp joked, "Is the Quotation ready yet? I'm waiting." @mili_diary wrote, "Daily operation of sales staff." Another user hilariously commented, "Been there... done that."



In a similar story, a man who had given the best years of his life to work finally put his foot down when he wanted to spend time with his family during the holidays, but his boss wanted him to work. He quit but also made the company pay back in a powerful way. He took to Reddit to share his story. "I was brainwashed at an early age that loyalty and hard work would add countless '0's' to your paycheck. I remained optimistic after receiving year after year of 3% raises and working holidays. I missed my children's first steps, their school functions and other life events, so I could make the CEO more money," he shared. 


However, his patience hit rock bottom when this incident occurred. "At the beginning of December, ABC Company was audited by the government and found to be out of compliance. They hired my company to regain their compliance by the end of the year or risk fines near $750,000. I save my vacation days so I can take the week between Christmas and New Year off. I spend it with my kids to make up for all the time I lost when I worked when they were younger. This time is very precious to me," the dad explained.

However, his boss insisted that no one else could do the API work and he had to do it. The man decided to get back at them by sending a resignation letter scheduled for Monday. He also said that he would fix the issue for $10,000. The boss found it unbelievable and told the man to fix it, as the company had already lost $32000. "The ABC Company may not learn anything. To them, a $700k fine is a drop in the bucket and will be passed to their clients or docked from a bonus fund. Based on how the contract is structured, my company might be in breach of contract. But I'm not a lawyer and I don't care. I have to worry about 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' trilogy and watching this with my kids," the dad expressed. 

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