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Man asks a simple question that exposes the whole anti-abortion argument

Patrick S. Tomlinson, the author of The Ark Trilogy, asks a hypothetical question that forces those who are anti-abortion to take a side.

Man asks a simple question that exposes the whole anti-abortion argument
Image source: Twitter/@stealthygeek

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on September 30, 2021

One of the core arguments of those who are anti-abortion is that "life begins at conception." These people recognize fetuses as human beings, while those in favor of abortion maintain that embryos and fetuses are not the same as a baby. Abortion rights activists have long argued that conservatives are only using their anti-abortion stance as a pretense to control the body autonomy of child-bearing people including women, reported Bored Panda. Author Patrick S. Tomlinson put forth a hypothetical situation that exposes the fallacy of the anti-abortion argument. Tomlinson, the author of The Ark Trilogy, posted a string of tweets in a thread that highlights why a fetus or embryo will never be a baby and shatters the anti-abortion argument.

Here are the tweets:































There were arguments both ways but a majority of those who were anti-abortion refused to answer the question, continued asking vague questions about the hypothetical conundrum. A few of them did go there and say they would save 1,000 embryos as opposed to the boy. To them, Tomlinson replied, "Thank you for your honesty about being an amoral monster who should never be allowed around children. That was very brave of you." To all those who tried to go mental gymnastics to avoid answering the question, he said, "Thank you to everyone in the comments twisting in the wind to find a way to avoid answering the question, just as I said you would. Your help proving my point is greatly appreciated."



Author Patrick S. Tomlinson posted the tweets almost three years ago but they still hold true, and now more than ever, in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's judgment overturning Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark judgment that made abortion a constitutional right. The discussion has once again turned to the core argument of whether a fetus is a live person.



As we reported earlier, a woman brilliantly pointed out that the concerns of those who are anti-abortion toward a baby end at birth. One called the admin of the Facebook page Insufferably Intolerant Science Nerd (IISN) a murderer for supporting abortion. "You’re a murderer. You advocate murder. You have the blood of millions of unborn children on your hands," the person wrote. The page admin flipped the ethical question on them. "What happens next? Once you have succeeded in your quest to stop the termination of a pregnancy — disregarding the circumstances for why the woman or couple wants to terminate (failed birth control, rape, lack of financial stability, unsuitable environment, domestic violence, mental health issues, lack of employment, medical issues, lack of comprehensive sexual education) – what happens next?" they asked.


The admin then went on to question the hypocrisy of the anti-abortion faction. "Will you and your ilk – the self-proclaimed 'pro-life' community help your community pay for healthcare and education costs?" asked the admin, before asking if their "pro-life" role ended at birth. "Once you have succeeded in stopping the termination of a pregnancy, what role will you have in ensuring a quality of life for the fetus you so desperately wanted to save?" The person who was anti-abortion replied, "That’s the parent’s responsibility."



The admin duly called out their lack of empathy and compassion. "You don’t get to come into my inbox and sh*t all over my Sunday with your over-inflated Messiah complex with your Facebook profile filled with delusions of superiority declaring yourself to be on the side of “life,” when in reality your compassion stops just inside the vaginal canal. Don’t pretend you give a sh*t about children when you aren’t prepared to do a damn thing about the millions of struggling families on welfare, or the millions of children in foster care," the admin wrote.

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