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Man acts rude to girlfriend in front of his family to test their reaction and they didn't disappoint

A couple decided to prank the boyfriend's family by catching their reaction when he misbehaved with his girlfriend and the result of the prank was surprising.

Man acts rude to girlfriend in front of his family to test their reaction and they didn't disappoint
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @janaeskye._

In a relationship, people are expected to behave well with each other by being respectful and loving towards their other halves. But this couple on TikTok decided to prank the boyfriend's family in a scenario where his family members would witness his planned misbehavior towards his girlfriend. Janae Skye–who goes by @janaeskye._ on TikTok–shared a fun video with her boyfriend Keith and his whole family. His family had assembled over the kitchen island, where they were snacking and sipping their drinks in peace when Keith started to act rudely towards 20-year-old Skye.

Image source: TikTok |
Image source: TikTok | @janaeskye._ 

As per their plan, Keith and Skye decided to fight over the takeout she had brought for the whole family except him. Keith comes downstairs and asks where his share is and she informs him that he was sleeping upstairs, so she didn't get any for him. "Are you for real?" Keith looks at his girlfriend, feigning annoyance. Keith's mon intervenes and tells him to get his own food rather than ordering his girlfriend around. But Keith argues once again, asking why he had a girlfriend if she can't get him some food.

Keith's brother reacts to his distasteful words, scrunching his face at him. His mom starts defending Skye once again and reminds him that his girlfriend is not his slave. His mom tells him brashly to take his car and leave because the situation is getting heated and matters are escalating. That's when his father decides to step in and warns him that "it's enough." "I am not doing enough," Keith raises his voice once again. Then he proceeds to snatch the food Skye was eating and orders her to grab him some food again.

Image Source: TikTok | @janaeskye._ 
Image Source: TikTok | @janaeskye._ 

Keith objects that it's not right how everybody is eating and he isn't and his girlfriend should fetch him some food immediately. The argument continues to get worse and Keith finally decides to drop an expletive at his girlfriend. Unsurprisingly, Keith's mom, who was protecting Skye throughout the argument, had enough. "Who are you talking to?" Keith's mom exclaims. The video has gained 12 million views so far.

Image Source: TikTok | @galacticchickenwing33
Image Source: TikTok | @galacticchickenwing33

TikTok viewers dropped comments on the video to express their thoughts and appreciate Keith's family's support for Skye. @ciarab_2 noted, "Dad put his drink down so fast. I love families that check their children." @sowanb joked, "The way your brother looked at you. I love how your parents (and the whole family) stuck up for your girlfriend." @stay.potent quipped, "The way his mom draped him up after he cussed made me cry."

@bigbangcreator commented, "This guy was flirtin' with disaster the whole time!" @brandnudesigns added, "The daddy forgot he was his son and threw that drink down like the girl was his daughter. He was ready!" @bdizzy wrote, "Everybody's reaction was so different and all in a good way." @lolikadosh encouraged, "Girl, better keep this man and marry him for real. Even if you stop loving him, just do it for the in-laws." @222thurlki remarked, "Between the baby spinning in that chair and him yelling, I don't know what stressed me out more."


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