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Mailman sends daughter a beautiful message right after completing his last working day: 'Baby, I'm done'

He has been working for over 30 years as a mailman and was looking forward to retirement.

Mailman sends daughter a beautiful message right after completing his last working day: 'Baby, I'm done'
Cover Image Source" Tiktok | @bellevives

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 14, 2023. It has since been updated.

Retirement is a special occasion for many who have served in an organization for half their lifetime. It was one such moment for a father who retired from his job as a mailman after working for 30 years, he sent a video to his daughter about it. In the heart-warming Tiktok video, Anthony can be seen leaving his workplace on his last working day. He looks happy yet emotional. He says, “I’m done. I’m officially retired. Thank you, Lord I’m done.” He goes on to say, “It’s a little bit rainy but I don’t care I’m done.” He then walks towards the mailvan in which it’s written “United States Postal Services.” He ends the video by saying, “Hey baby I’m done. Hi sweetheart, I’m done. Thank you, Lord.”

Cover Image Source: Tiktok | @bellevives
Tiktok | @bellevives


The video was posted by his daughter, Annabelle Rose Vives on December 31, 2022, with the username @bellevives. She captioned it, “Woke up to the most wholesome video from my papa. Almost 30 years of service as a mail carrier. Congrats to my papa for making it to retirement, and shout out to all carriers and delivery workers out there!” The video went viral with more than 7,34,000 views and 162,000 likes.  

People on Tiktok loved the sweet way in which the father announced his retirement. A Tiktok user wrote, “What a beautiful and wholesome moment! Congratulations! You deserve it! Enjoy your retirement!” Another user said, “So much love to your papa, he sounds like a very sweet man.” A third one wrote, “Well done Papa, enjoy every single day in this next chapter.” Another user said, “I salute you for making it to retirement!!! Congratulations from a carrier that's looking fwd to saying that one day...”

Tiktok | @bellevives
Tiktok | @bellevives


Annabelle also posted a follow-up video in which the family can be seen reading cards and opening gifts sent to her father from his customers after his retirement. There is also a mailbox in which it's written, “We are going to miss you, Anthony.” The video is captioned, “Papa’s customers adore him. They’re throwing him a block party next weekend to celebrate!”

Tiktok | @bellevives
Tiktok | @bellevives


The daughter later also posted a video on January 8 of the block party in which there are cupcakes with Anthony’s pictures, a cake that reads, “Congrats, Anthony!” Many people are seen in the video talking to him and celebrating his retirement. He is also seen wearing a cap that says, “This legend has retired!” Annabelle has captioned the video, “Block party was a success! Thank you to all his customers for taking the time to stop by, give praise, and share heart-warming stories of my papa. We will forever remember this day.”

Tiktok | @bellevives
Tiktok | @bellevives


People on the platform really liked the way everyone celebrated Anthony’s retirement. A Tiktok user wrote, “What an absolute light your dad is!! Congratulations Anthony! Happy retirement. On to the next chapter.” Another said, “My heart is happy. Something about this man that just brings joy by watching him achieve such a huge milestone in his life. Lovely community! Enjoy.” A third one wrote, “The community showing up for him. Love to see it!!”

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