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Mail lady makes a young boy smile with simple compliments showing the power of encouragement

Kindness truly costs nothing and this lady showed the same by encouraging a young boy to shoot a basket.

Mail lady makes a young boy smile with simple compliments showing the power of encouragement
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/logebe24

It’s not every day that we get to see and hear compliments and words of encouragement. You have no idea how far a simple compliment can go for someone. There are numerous examples where strangers have complimented people and those compliments have been carried in their hearts for a lifetime. At times, you unknowingly become the conduit for others to receive the affirmation they seek. Reddit user logebe24 reposted an old video that will make you want to get out there and shower your compliments.

Image Source: Reddit/u/logebe24
Image Source: Reddit | u/logebe24

The r/PublickFreakout forum on Reddit featured an old video of a mail lady cheering a young boy as he played in his neighborhood. The video began showing the boy trying to shoot a basket by himself. The mail lady soon drove up to the side of the road in her truck and noticed him. She immediately yelled to cheer him up and said, “Let me see what you got, let me see what you got. Show me what you got” as he dribbled the ball. 

As he continued to make his way to the basket, the lady kept cheering and building him up and said, “Come on with it, up, up, up.” To this, the boy finally sprang up and shot a great basket. As he smiled, she went on to hype him up saying, “Daaaammmnnn.” The lady was vouching for him and as soon as he shot the basket, she was overjoyed. As he walked toward her, she said, “Come on high five!” and proceeded to high-five the boy.

Image Source: Reddit/u/logebe24
Image Source: Reddit | u/logebe24

What followed was a quick and fun exchange between the two. She asked him his name and introduced herself as well. She also said, “That was some cool stuff right there” and continued complimenting the boy. It just makes us wonder how such a simple encounter might have made that boy’s day. In a world where constant bad news and negativity are spreading, it is only right to constantly keep sharing such beautiful moments. The lady was a stranger just doing her job, yet the few minutes she spared to encourage that boy built his enthusiasm. It added a warm and pleasant feeling to his and her day.

The reposted video received over 5k upvotes and users swelled at the sight of the same. Several users commented with words and statements to express their joy and satisfaction upon watching the video. u/SenpaiBoogie commented, “DAAAAMMMN! Shoutout to the mail lady.” another user, 55Fries55Pies commented, “Now that sounds like a fun mail lady.” u/gangstarapunzel said, “Oh I love her, can she be my mail lady?”

Image Source: Reddit/u/
Image Source: Reddit | u/Crafty_Mastodon320


Image Source: Reddit/u/
Image Source: Reddit | u/BrownSugarBare

Other users commented on their own similar experiences. u/funnguy99207 commented, “Shoot, you brought up a bus driver memory for me! I was 17, riding the city transit bus in the very back. I was the only passenger. A foot of fresh, slick snow was on the roads. The driver turned a corner, shouted "Hang on!" and drifted that bus sideways up a small hill, whipping the back end straight again, and dumped me on the floor while laughing my ass off. Sufficient to say, I had mad respect for his driving skills!”

Image Source: Reddit/u/
Image Source: Reddit | u/keepcold


Image Source: Reddit/u/
Image Source: Reddit | u/Puceeffoc

It is thrilling to hear a compliment from someone. Such encounters with random people are truly something you can hold in your heart for a long time. Try it out, next time you see something nice about a stranger, compliment them!

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