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Magician performs adorable tricks with dogs to help them get adopted swiftly: 'A special moment'

Magician John Stessel tried a few tricks on puppies and the video prompted people to adopt these furry buddies.

Magician performs adorable tricks with dogs to help them get adopted swiftly: 'A special moment'
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Our furry friends can truly make our day. They make us feel loved, comfortable and cared for. For this reason, the magician, John Stessel tried a few tricks on puppies and the video could not have been more adorable. He usually performs magic for his amazing fans and top celebrities. However, his heart melts when it comes to puppies. He also regularly conducts magic skits for shelter dogs, at the St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey. As the puppies and adult dogs see the magic, their surprising and wholesome reactions are recorded and these videos help them get adopted, as per Good News Network


“One of my small little superpowers is I can just help dogs show off in a way that they couldn't without me,” Stessel said. “Typically in the video the dogs just go nuts and they all have really different reactions.” Stessel might love dogs a lot but there is also a caveat to it, he has to take a few antihistamines before he meets these adorable dogs as he is allergic to them.

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However, his work really helps these sheltered dogs as most dogs end up getting adopted and finding homes for themselves. “If I were to define my mission it would be to spread as much joy as humanly possible. Whether it be performing magic at my Residency at the Red Rabbit Club, on my live show with Bicycle Cards, or for adorable shelter dogs, my mission has always been to spread positivity in both real life and online," Stessel told Bored Panda. “We wanted to create a special moment for animal shelter dogs to bring them the magic of the holidays, to show off their adorable personalities, and hopefully help them find homes."


“It is almost impossible to pick a favorite moment from the video! But some highlights for me were the truly unscripted moments! For example when Luna pulled off my hat, or when Teragon and I started dancing with him on his back!”, he said. "The public has been nothing but supportive! While creating the video, every moment felt as if we were making something truly special, and sure enough the public has felt that same feeling that we felt along the process!”


In another story about a dog rescue, they brought happiness to the life of Johanna Carrington. Her daughter, Debbie learned about Muttville Senior Dog Rescue through her friend, Christine Falletti. Muttville is a remarkable nonprofit organization based in San Francisco that specializes in rescuing senior shelter dogs and carefully pairing them with loving new owners. “As long as my mom had a strong support team — and she does — we learned that she could adopt another dog,” she explained, as per the Washington Post. “My mom had rescued dogs her whole life, and we knew it would make a huge difference for her to have another one, even at 100.”


Gucci, an 11-year-old Chihuahua mixed breed, was rescued from an animal hoarding situation and found a loving home with Carrington in September 2022. Since then, Debbie has observed a remarkable improvement in her mother's mental health.

After a span of eight months, Debbie's mother is thriving, serving as a testament to the positive impact that pets can have on our mental well-being. “She’s a lot happier and she and Gucci have become best friends,” Debbie shared. “Gucci is very gentle with her and follows her everywhere. He waits for her in the bathroom when she gets ready for bed at night, then follows her to bed and snuggles in. Everyone can see there’s an incredible bond there."

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