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Magician finds a way to make a visually impaired man experience the beauty of magic

He did not give up when the blind man told him the magic won't work for him but made him sense the magic through other ways.

Magician finds a way to make a visually impaired man experience the beauty of magic
Image Source: TikTok/magickevinli

Disabled people often have to miss out on several of life's enjoyable experiences as many spaces, especially entertainment venues, are not disabled-friendly. One magician, however, was not ready to give up on a visually-impaired man; he adapted his magic trick for a visually-impaired man. This beautiful and inspiring moment was posted on TikTok by Kevin Li with the caption, "One of my most memorable performances. There’s always a way to experience magic."

Image Source: TikTok/magickevinli
Image Source: TikTok/magickevinli


The video starts with a man named Michael telling Kevin that he is visually impaired so "the magic won't work" for him. However, Kevin is not ready to give up and says, "I really want you to experience the magic right now." He goes ahead to narrate the whole thing for Michael while placing 2 quarter coins and asks him to choose one. He jokes, "make sure they are not chocolate coins." He then hands him a marker and guides him to mark the quarter he has chosen. He asks Beck to verify and says that now there is only one coin in the world that looks like this. 

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok


Kevin asks Michael to hold the coin in his palm and squeeze it. He then says that the coin is actually made up of rubber and asks Michael to visualize it heating up. Kevin asks him if he can see it warm up and soon, we can see smoke coming out from Michael's closed palms holding the coin. Kevin goes ahead and asks him to see if he feels the coin getting softer. Shocked and mesmerized, Michael says, "Yeahhh!" Kevin then asks him to open his palm and Michael is able to feel the rubber through his fingers. It seems as if the metal coin has melted into rubber. Kevin says in the end, "That's yours to keep forever." Thanks to Kevin's efforts, Michael was able to experience the beauty of magic despite his disability.

This amusing and heartwarming video gathered over 400k likes. TikTok user, toastitnote said, "Him saying 'the magic won’t work for me' made me so sad, I'm so glad you were able to let him feel the magic too!!" User m3rlin88 said, "I've been doing magic for a long time and this is hands down my favorite thing I've ever seen in the magic community, beautiful." 



The video was also posted on Reddit where it has gathered more than 63,000 upvotes and thousands of comments. Reddit user @HeyItsBobaTime commented, "I love how the magician doesn't even hesitate and immediately tries to find a way to have the man be a part of the fun." Another person, @SeriousMemes said, "The spirit of accessibility is truly an amazing gift to the world. Watching this seriously made me feel like there are some actual, genuinely good people in this world still. I really hope this makes people think a bit more about people of different ability levels in life, I feel like we are often blind as a society when it comes to these types of situations."

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