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Magazine ad from 1996 made predictions about 2026 that have left everyone in shock

Whether an accurate guess or coincidence, this ad from 1996 has people alarmed at its accuracy and the drastic change in the world.

Magazine ad from 1996 made predictions about 2026 that have left everyone in shock
Cover Image Source: Reddit|u/Sotrmagaedon

The entire word changes significantly with time. Every aspect of our lives undergoes some change for the better or worse. The striking part is no one could imagine that mankind could make such unbelievable alterations to the world. However, some people, by coincidence or through sheer thinking, predicted a few mind-boggling aspects of the future back in the 90s. Reddit user u/Stormageadon shared the picture of a print ad from the late 90s that accurately revealed the economic status of the world today. While it is intriguing, it has left people shocked at its accuracy.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Karolina Grabowska
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Karolina Grabowska

“An eerily accurate ad from 1996 I found in an advertising book,” the caption of the post read. The ad was a black-and-white copy of a female celebrity with rather contemporary and astounding words. “They say in 30 years, a burger and fries could cost $16, a basic vacation $12500 and a car $65000,” the ad read. While all of these statements are an accurate estimate of today’s world, there is also a concerning statement at the end of the ad. “No problem, You’ll eat in, you won’t drive and you won’t go anywhere.” Today's economy is so brutal and off the hook that all of the above-mentioned activities have become a luxury to a majority of people.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Engin Akyurt
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Engin Akyurt

Ordering or dining out takes a hefty amount out of the pocket and people have resorted to meal preps and basic meals at home, cars and petrol pieces have hit the roof and people can neither buy vehicles nor use their current ones to travel. To add to this, people are opting for work-from-home jobs and rely on public transport for outdoor activities. It is no doubt that people are taking vacations only if they land a reward or in their retirement and all of these realities are straight out from the ad published years ago. Whether it is genius or coincidence is a mystery and people are flabbergasted by the accuracy.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Antoni Shkraba
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Antoni Shkraba

Many people pointed out how true the ad was while others added that even staying home and eating in is not quite rewarding. u/pallentx remarked, “Oh, you want to just stay home? Yeah, rent is $3000 per month.” In another comment, u/pallentx added, “The point is, you can cut travel, dining out and all the extras, but housing alone will still blow your budget in most cities in America.” u/MellyMel86 sarcastically said, “Jokes on them, we’re 3 years ahead of schedule.” u/wildeyeeleven exclaimed, “I prefer eating in, not driving, and staying home. All my stuff’s there.”

u/Floog wrote, “They probably thought it was too unbelievable to write that a basic house would cost you $500K.” u/MacProsarecool said, “Yeah except it’s 300 a week in groceries for a family of 5 so you can’t even eat in.” u/allbright1111 said, “Oh geez, this was only in 1996? Things have gone downhill quickly!” Another user wrote, “Hits me right in the wallet.” u/Zarochi remarked, “ Probably the most accurate prediction of the 2020s from the 90s.” u/Ryzelo0o0 asked, “Where are you guys managing to find a burger and fries for only 16 bucks? It's 16 just for the burger and pickle spear in LA. Fries are like $7.50 extra.”

Image Source: Reddit|u/Notevenapro
Image Source: Reddit |u/Notevenapro

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