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Lost engagement ring found a year after it was accidentally flushed down a toilet

Even last year, the workers had said there was hope of finding the ring someday and they were right.

Lost engagement ring found a year after it was accidentally flushed down a toilet
Image Source: YouTube | KCAL News

Losing possessions can feel disheartening. The absence of familiar things can leave us feeling a sense of loss. However, sometimes these things find a way back to us like this engagement ring which has been found a year after it went down the drain.

In the March of 2022, a Chino Hills, California, resident let the Public Works Department know that his "fiancée's engagement ring was accidentally flushed down the toilet by his soon-to-be stepson," the officials stated in a press release. The man said he "did what he could to try and retrieve it," but he failed to get a hold of the ring, reported PEOPLE.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Scott Webb
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Scott Webb

He informed the authorities that he pushed the ring further into the pipes while using a sewer inspection camera that he had gotten to search it. The press release further read, "Staff suspected that since the residence is located at the end of a cul-de-sac, it was likely the ring could not have traveled very far even with laundry and showers being taken for a couple of days."


The man and the city authorities both tried their best to find the ring but with no luck. Workers even tried flushing the man's entire sewer system several times to find the ring. Even though they met with no success, the workers hoped they might find the ring someday. They were right and that day came a year later. The crew spotted the ring during sewer maintenance this year.

After verifying that it was the same ring that had gone missing a year ago, "the ring was sterilized and returned to the resident the next day," the city said. And finally, this story got its happy ending. "The City's sanitation crew was excited to be able to return the ring to the resident and see the resident's expression of happiness to have it back," officials wrote in the press release.


In another touching story about a ring posted by GoodTime Weddings on their YouTube channel, where a man is seen kneeling and putting a ring on his stepdaughter's finger, which he called a "promise ring." The tear-jerking moment quickly went viral and garnered over 20K views on the platform. In the clip, the groom faced his guests and explained that he had one more important thing to do. "There is one last thing, it's not a tradition, it's not something that goes within the Catholic Church or normal weddings," he says.


The groom brings his stepdaughter out to the front. "Not only today did I marry your mom, but I accepted you as my daughter," he says in a shaky voice while holding her hands. "I promise to always take care of you. I know you've been wanting to call me dad for a long time, and I want to give you this ring as my commitment to you, as well."

He takes out the ring, and as his now-wife cries in the corner, he adds, "I will always be there for you, and I promise to always take care of you." The young girl only nods in approval while shyly looking down. The groom quickly goes into full protective dad mode and jokes: "I promise to care for you, make sure no boy steals your heart." As the little one laughs, he adds, "No one is going to mess with you, all right, you're all mine, just like your mom's all mine, and I love you a lot." The father and daughter hugs and our hearts can not have been more full!

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