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Look at these tiny crochet couches for your cat. They're so adorable, you'll die.

With all this free time people have on their hands, they've been making cute couches for their furry friends.

Look at these tiny crochet couches for your cat. They're so adorable, you'll die.
Image Source: (L) StitcherUniverse / Reddit (R) poopoopmagoo / Reddit

You're probably spending all your free time lazing on the couch watching Netflix. If you have a pet cat, have you considered that they might want a couch of their own to laze around on? Well, some crocheters have pondered upon this question and responded with a resounding yes. In order to cater to their precious kitties' needs, they decided to pull out the ol' crocheting needles and craft up tiny adorable crochet couches for their furry friends. Some folks took to Reddit in order to share their masterpieces. While many of them expected their cats to ignore their works entirely, several crocheters were surprised to find that their pets actually loved their little creations.






The tiny kitty couch trend has risen in popularity over the past few weeks. This is probably owing to all the free time people have found while in self-isolation. Now that they don't have to sit in rush hour traffic to go to work, they've got all this leisure time for fun projects. Nonetheless, while many crocheters discovered the trend only recently, the idea has existed for quite a while now. Some people believe it dates back to 2009. However, on, a website dedicated to all things crochet, a crochet pattern for the kitty couch was published all the way back in October 1998. The pattern was originally published in The Needlecraft Shop, in, get this, a special edition dedicated entirely to kitty couches. Ah, old cat ladies, how we love you.







Image Source: The Needlecraft Shop 981032, Kitty Couches /


The publication may no longer be in print, but the pattern is definitely more popular than ever before. About two months, Reddit user Poopoopmagoo shared their creation on the crochet subreddit. They wrote, "I bit the bullet and made the kitty couch - I think she likes it." They also uploaded a photo of their black chesterfield cat stretching itself out on a blue crochet couch. "Skipped the pillows and the ruffle because she's a modern girl," the Reddit user shared, highlighting the details of the couch. "Added a reptile heating pad that has a thermostat in the cord. The payoff is definitely worth the effort, this is her favorite spot in the house."

Image Source: poopoopmagoo / Reddit

Poopoopmagoo is definitely not the only one who has jumped on the crochet kitty couch bandwagon. Dozens of other crocheters have taken to the subreddit to post their own creations (and photos of their cats lounging on them). Reddit user StitcherUniverse, for instance, even discussed the difficulties of completing their kitty couch project. They stated, "I have to say, even though it's great for a picture when you finish, getting the foam in place (and getting the corners of the foam to match the corners of the crochet) is really quite challenging." Regardless of the little hurdles you might have to confront, this is definitely a project you should try out if you've got a furry friend. After all, our pets deserve spaces in our homes that are just as special as they are. Besides, look how cute! It's so frickin' adorable, I'm gonna die!

Image Source: dramawahoo/Reddit


Image Source: LivingDeadSquirrel/Reddit


Image Source: StitcherUniverse / Reddit


Image Source: thisbusisempty/Reddit

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