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Long-distance canine best friends have an emotional reunion over video call

It is not easy to have a long-distance best friend but a quick video call always reminds us how much we love them. This happened to these dogs as well.

Long-distance canine best friends have an emotional reunion over video call
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @caitcaitcait04

Long-distance friendships can be tough. Not seeing your friend on weekends and holidays and not being around them can be upsetting. This happened to two adorable dogs best friends who saw each other after some time on a video call.

The pet owners uploaded a video of their virtual reunion on TikTok. In the video uploaded by, @rolloandsadie, the two dogs seem quite emotional upon seeing each other. The pet owners also seemed touched by their love. This video spread joy in the hearts of many TikTok users and gathered 6.2 million likes and 29.5 thousand comments. 

Image Source: @caitcaitcait04
Image Source: TikTok | @caitcaitcait04

In the comments, many found the dogs' expressions of love for each other quite touching. One user, @bloopybloop wrote, "First dog: 'I miss you so bad.' Second dog: 'NOBODY KNOWS WHAT PAIN REALLY ISSSS.'"

@fangirlforfall commented, "Tell me why these dogs are better at expressing emotions and listening to each other than most humans?!" @Angelica wrote, "Not the dogs having a better social life than me." @Victoria wrote, "The way they heard each other out."

Image Source: TikTok | @caitcait04
Image Source: TikTok | @caitcaitcait04

@Sera wrote, "Dog on screen: TELL ME HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU." Another TikTok user said, "Can we please get a vid of when they are back together?" @AlishaJones wrote an interesting comment, that read: "They were spilling the tea about what the hoomans been doing." @The_Wandering_Elf wrote, "Dogs howl when they feel separated from their pack. This is actually so sad. "

This video was reshared on Twitter by @WeRateDogs with the caption: "This is Rollo and Sadie. They are long-distance best friends. Miss each other more than words can say. 13/10 for both." The two dogs received plenty of love on Twitter as well. @Beth wrote, "Going to start a crowdfund to get these two an in-puppy play date. Who is with me?" @Niesha Love commented, "Stop that laughing! I’m on my way to reunite Rollo and Sadie."


Happiness awaited the two dogs as they got the chance to reunite in real life as well. @rolloandsadie posted another video on TikTok, where the dogs finally met each other. In the video, one of the dogs looks from the window as another moves out of a car with his owner. The two finally embrace each other and play with each other. Their meet-up after separation could not have been more adorable. This video garnered 96.2 thousand likes and 282 comments.

Image Source: TikTok | @rollsandsadie
Image Source: TikTok | @rollsandsadie

@JussBri commented, "OMG the Facetime besties." @monika wrote, "This is the only relationship I care about." @Porschza commented, "OMG they are literally the cutest." @Messi! noted, "Their friendship is so cute!" @Nola.king wrote, "Dogs never try to play it cool. They have no problem letting you know how much they missed you." @Colette noticed, "Rollo hyping Sadie up when she was showing him her new trick."


The two dogs have finally met and are with each other and it could not have been more adorable!

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