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Community has the best response after beloved coffee stand owner's shop is shut down

The story of Frank and the locals of Bethnal Green is living proof that humanity can overpower injustice.

Community has the best response after beloved coffee stand owner's shop is shut down
Representative Cover Image Source: X | @CaliforniaFrizz

When all else fails, an act of kindness can soothe and provide comfort. A wonderful community rallied around a man named Frank after he lost his coffee stand. Betty (@CaliforniaFrizz) shared his heartbreaking story on X, showing how people became his beacon of light. “This is Frank and he has had a coffee stand at the top of the steps at Bethnal Green tube for as long as I can remember,” she wrote.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Ketut Subiyanto
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Ketut Subiyanto

However, when another coffee shop and street outlets opened nearby, Frank began having trouble. “Frank suddenly found that his license from the council had been revoked and he was kicked off his stand,” the woman wrote. The ruthless authorities​ caused the man to lose his means of livelihood in what appeared to be an attempt to attain maximum business and profit from the new big companies. “I believe it was to make way for these new shops to take his regular custom. They didn’t need him in the way of gaining maximum profit... so Frank was gone,” the woman sadly explained.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Uriel Mont
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Uriel Mont

Though hope seemed lost, the locals refused to let Frank suffer unjustly. They united to support Frank and his beloved shop, which had been a fixture for years. The community rallied around him, starting a petition and pressuring the government until it backed down. “After a lot of pressure, the council backed down and Frank had his license and pitch returned to him,” the post read. Unfortunately, Frank had sold all of his equipment to feed his family as best as he could after his beloved business was taken away from him.

The locals refused to give up. They had erased the full stop from Frank’s story and were bent on giving back the respect, business and love that he deserved. The community started crowdfunding to get Frank’s business restarted and thriving. The community raised so much money with their kindness and love that Frank was able to get a new stand and all the equipment he needed to resume his business. The people even set up his stand with an added shelter for the rains and other weather. The woman shared a picture of Frank delighted and gratefully doing his business with customers at his new stand.


Sharing a note for all, the woman concluded, “He is truly the happiest man in East London and it’s wonderful to see. It does show that if we all stick together, stand up to them and just say no... the little guy can win. If you’re in Bethnal Green, come and have a coffee with this lovely man.” People’s hearts were full as they poured out much love and congratulations to Frank who reversed the cruelty thrown on him with the support of his customers. @therealmissjo wrote, “People can make a difference.” @linda_halls added, “A good story for a change and show the power of the people.”



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