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Local police department adopts rescued pit bull and grants him title of 'paw-trol officer'

A stray pit bull has found love and a new role as an honorary 'Paw-trol Officer' after being sworn in by a caring police department.

Local police department adopts rescued pit bull and grants him title of 'paw-trol officer'
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Hopkinsville Police Department

Dogs really are creatures close to our hearts. Bolo, a pitbull mix, initially came to the Hopkinsville Police Department as part of an initiative with the Christian Country Animal Shelter. In a Facebook post from his October visit, adorable Bolo can be seen posing with an officer. The cute dog made such an impact on the officers that the department announced in a subsequent post that he would officially be a member of the department.


Police Chief Jason Newby spoke to Good News Network, saying, "Oddly enough, everybody fell in love with him." While he was initially only meant to stay for some time until he got home, the officers were so smitten with him that they decided to adopt him. On the final day, he went into his cage and let out a whimper, which melted everybody's hearts. The officers went a step further and made him an official part of the team as well.


They even had a swearing-in ceremony with Major J.R. Knight, designating him as the very first "Paw-trol" officer. In a short video of the event, we see the mayor saying the oath and asking Bolo to bark for affirmation. He did so and gave a paw print to make everything official. The department shared that they were eager to see the pup's future contributions to the force.


Dogs are really astounding creatures. A few years back, a dog named Chico did a very smart thing. The adorable dog slowly realized he had gone far from his home and somehow knew how to ask for help. Shockingly, Chico ended up going to the police station to report himself missing. His owners had not yet filed a report stating that he was missing, but he made his way back to them all on his own.

It was just a normal day at the Odessa Police Department in Texas. Police officers who were at the station did not expect to see a dog show up at the reception desk. Interestingly, Chico had come into the place to report himself missing. The dog was very relaxed and did not want to get any unwanted attention. Instead, he was having a jolly good time just sticking around the station.

Sergeant Rusty Martin, who was on duty at the time, observed how Chico was at ease the entire time he was there. Chico spent most of his time playing with the other officers until it was time to work on his report. Martin shared, "We had a tennis ball and threw it in the lobby for a bit. Everyone loved him." Even with all the fun, the sergeant did not forget about his case. He discovered that Chico did not have his ID tag with him.

Martin contacted animal control to check for a microchip, but Chico had slipped away before they could arrive. Surprisingly, he found his way back home all by himself. This incident just goes to showcase how smart dogs can be and how Martin indirectly considered this pup to join the force. The encounter proved to be a wholesome one altogether.

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