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Lizzo paused her Australian tour to volunteer at food bank helping bushfire victims

The rapper stepped into the field herself by volunteering at Melbourne’s Foodbank, helping pack hampers for victims of the devastating bushfires.

Lizzo paused her Australian tour to volunteer at food bank helping bushfire victims
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Foodbank Australia

It is during the darkest times that we recognize the heroes among us. Singer Lizzo recently proved herself to be one when she hit the pause button on her Australian tour for a commendable reason. The 31-year-old took a break from her performances in the flame-ravaged nation to personally help the victims of the disastrous bushfires. While her fellow celebrities have been utilizing their public platforms to raise awareness about the crisis and urge fans to help out by making donations, the rapper stepped into the field herself by volunteering at Melbourne’s Foodbank.


Foodbank Victoria shared the amazing news via Facebook on Wednesday, posting a photo of the Good As Hell singer at their warehouse. "We had the one and only Lizzo helping us sort and pack hampers in the warehouse today!" the independent not-for-profit organization wrote. The official Facebook page of Foodbank Australia also commended the star for her taking out the time to help out, writing, "Beautiful Lizzo stopped by our Foodbank Victoria warehouse today to thank our hardworking team and vollies who have been working tirelessly for the past 6 days. What a ⭐️ she even packed hampers for fire-affected regions. Thank you for the support."



Foodbank Victoria also shared a video of Lizzo packing hampers at the warehouse while singing along to her hit song Truth Hurts. "'100% that Foodbank!' Thanks again @lizzo for visiting our warehouse yesterday and chatting with our hardworking volunteers and staff who have been working tirelessly to provide food relief to bushfire affected communities. Add hamper packing to her list long of talents," the tweet reads.



According to PEOPLE, during an Instagram Live session shortly before her concert at the Sydney Opera House in Australia earlier this week, she informed fans that she would be collecting donations for fire relief. "I’m urging everyone who comes to my show tonight to donate to the firefighters, to the koala sanctuaries, the Australia red cross and just to people who lost their house. I’m a firm believer in all of us being connected and all of us part of this planet, and a global citizen. Moving into 2020, I just want to be really vigilant about the way the earth is moving," she said.





The eight-time Grammy nominee added, "People who want to politicize climate change, just get away from my mentions. Unfollow me, don’t look at me, just pretend I’m blocked. Cause it’s not about that for me, I don’t understand how nature can be a political issue. You don’t have to be the most intelligent scientist in the world to notice that temperatures have changed." Lizzo also addressed the raging bushfires on her Instagram stories, telling her followers that being in Australia has given her a "real-time view into what's happening with these devastating fires."



"This is a global crisis. I don't want to politicize anything. This isn't a political issue at this point, this is a human issue. The CO2 emissions that are being created by this fire are staggering and it affects the world," the singer continued. "I think sometimes you look at something that’s happening in another country you automatically go, ‘Oh, well, you know that’s not going to happen to us, that’s not our problem, that’s another country.’ But we’re all connected on this planet. This is the Earth and we share this as a home," she added.

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