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Little sister adorably steps in to be brother’s ‘emotional support’ as he gets his nails trimmed

It was just a simple task for the brother, but not for the little sister. She stood by his side until the end.

Little sister adorably steps in to be brother’s ‘emotional support’ as he gets his nails trimmed
Cover Image Source: TikTok|

Kids dreading and throwing tantrums for basic grooming tasks is not new. Whether it’s a bath, nail trimming, or a haircut, they often try to get out of the situation and avoid the activity altogether. In such moments, all they want is attention and comfort. While parents can provide the same, in some cases, siblings are just better at it. They are often each other’s greatest emotional support systems. Mom Elizabeth Milligan shared a video on TikTok to prove the same.

Image Source: TikTok|
Image Source: TikTok|

The mom of two captured the sibling duo in a wholesome connection. She revealed that the older brother was getting his nails trimmed by his father. While the boy was not throwing tantrums and obliged obediently, someone else was getting all worked up and wanted to help. Miligan’s toddler daughter stood right beside her brother, staring vaguely at what her father was doing. Perhaps she was aware of the “terror” it can be to have one’s nails trimmed. The little girl stayed beside her father and older brother and carefully watched with a concerned expression on her face all the time.

Image Source: TikTok|
Image Source: TikTok|

She looked intently at the dad to ensure he was doing his job well and immediately went on to gently hold the underneath of his palm to support it. The little girl wanted to contribute and be there for her brother and stood right beside him till he got all his nails trimmed. She ensured that she also had her hand underneath her brother's as a form of helping. “She was so concerned about him!” the mom wrote in the caption. “Pov: Your big brother has to get his nails trimmed so you immediately nominate yourself to be his emotional support person.”

Though she was the smaller one, the girl bravely and sweetly stood by her brother’s side. The siblings' love touched the hearts of many on the internet. @amberc181972 said, “Sometimes they’re sweet, sometimes they’re sour,” indicating the unique relationship siblings share. @nailaakhtar said, “She cares about him a lot.” In a similar instance, a sibling duo managed to survive an earthquake, thanks to the older sister who safely got her brother to protection for 36 hours. 


The Independent reported that Mariam, the older sister, held her young baby brother tightly while they were stuck under the concrete remains of their home during the Turkey-Syria earthquake. The rescuers fortunately found the sibling duo and their family safe and helped them out. Their dad said, "We felt the ground shaking … and rubble began falling over our heads, and we stayed two days under the rubble. We went through a feeling, a feeling I hope no one has to feel."


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