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Little Leaguer's CAT scan results after he hurt his head a second time come back 'normal'

'We feel so grateful and blessed to have witnessed yet another miracle in Easton's recovery,' the family wrote on Instagram.

Little Leaguer's CAT scan results after he hurt his head a second time come back 'normal'
Cover Image Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

Easton Oliverson, the Little Leaguer who had been in the hospital after falling off a bunk bed, suffered a second head injury on August 19. The young baseball player had initially fallen from the top bunk at the dormitory in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, on August 15, while staying in the dormitory with his teammates from Snow Canyon before their Little League World Series debut. The 12-year-old, who goes by the nickname "Tank," hit his head while he was going to the bathroom alone three nights ago while he was still healing from his earlier wounds at the Geisinger Janet Weis Children's Hospital in Danville, Pennsylvania, according to CNN. In his recovery journey, the family described the second fall as "two steps forward, one step back."



Doctors performed a CAT scan after this second injury to his head, but thankfully, the results were "normal." In the Instagram account where Oliverson's recovery is being chronicled, an update on his health read, "Easton had a CT scan today to make sure that there wasn’t any swelling from his fall last night. The results came back NORMAL! We feel so grateful and blessed to have witnessed yet another miracle in Easton’s recovery!"



After the fall from the bunk bed, on August 15, Oliverson was airlifted to a children's hospital in a critical condition. According to doctors, he was only 30 minutes away from passing away, as his father, Jace said that he was "fighting for his life." He then underwent surgery and was put into a medically induced coma. But according to updates from his family, Oliverson is making rapid progress with his health. He was moved out of an intensive care unit on Thursday and was able to feed himself by Wednesday. "The doctors are just stunned by his progression in this short amount of time with where he was," Jace, Tank's father said.

“I’m just grateful that he’s still alive because I was pretty much told he had a zero percent chance to live,” Jace said. “We feel very fortunate.” Jace said that there's a chance of full recovery. “It’s just a matter of how long and the therapy that he’s going to receive. We’re just asking for prayers. Continuous prayers.” 

In another recent post, the family shared updates about Easton's health, adding that they "couldn’t be more proud of him" and are "amazed at the miracles that we continue to see every day." They said he was able to walk nearly the entire floor of the hospital "with little to no help," and after being nauseous for a long time, was finally able to eat food and keep it down. His family also shares that his swelling has gone down considerably and "he has been able to open his right eye today."

The family concluded the post by thanking supporters for their good wishes and prayers asking everyone to continue doing the same.


Earlier in one of the posts, the family had mentioned that the Little Leaguer might be able to go back to Utah this week. Oliverson was also "able to see his little brother, cousin, and best friends (that are more like brothers). They brought him many goodies from all of the teams in the Little League World Series."



“We want to show that modern-day miracles can still happen,” Jace told the AP. “Our message the whole time is to remind people that we have a loving, Heavenly Father and a savior who wants us to be happy. If we just go to them in prayer, anything is possible, and we’re seeing that with Easton.”

Oliverson's family is raising funds to help with bills and expenses through Venmo.

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