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Sweet 10-year-old with alopecia and down syndrome breaks into a happy dance after getting new wig

'She is so special, so beautiful, so brave, so confident, and has the sweetest personality!' the woman who fitted Klara with the wig wrote.

Sweet 10-year-old with alopecia and down syndrome breaks into a happy dance after getting new wig
Image Source: Instagram/Tiffanis Mirror LLC

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 8, 2023. It has since been updated.

Children with developmental disabilities require special attention, care and support from their families, caregivers and communities to help them reach their full potential. With proper support and understanding, they can lead fulfilling and meaningful lives and make valuable contributions to their families and communities. In a heartwarming video shared on Goodnews Movement's Twitter handle, a little girl with Down syndrome and alopecia named Klara receives a gift that brings a million-dollar smile to her face. The video has amassed over 1.4 million views and can brighten anybody's day.

Image Source: Instagram/
Image Source: Instagram/Tiffanis Mirror LLC


It was originally posted by @wigsbytiffani on Instagram with the caption, "Sweet 10-year-old Klara was the absolute highlight of my week! She is so special, so beautiful, so brave, so confident, and has the sweetest personality!" In the video, the woman helps Klara try on her new wig. She asks her to sit in front of a mirror and close her eyes as she carefully fits the wig onto her head. Klara's reaction is priceless as she looks at herself in the mirror and breaks into a dance out of pure joy. Her family members cheer and clap for her, making it the sweetest video on the internet.

Image Source: Instagram/
Image Source: Instagram/


The video has gathered almost 7 million views on Instagram and over 600,000 likes. An Instagram user @dianelynnmastromatto commented, "This is just precious! Her smile lit up the room and tells the whole story!" Another person @vazquezstella noted, "The way she closed her eyes! so tight because she wasn’t going to look until she was allowed to." User @hemlock_studio said, "Oh my gosh that smile at the end. A sweet beautiful little girl. I have a daughter with Down syndrome and this melts my heart."

"Her smile and gestures are the sweetest. She is a sweetheart and looks great. Thank you once again for your incredible work for these young kids," said @s_duncan1. This video is proof that a little support and kindness can help anyone with a disability to live their life to the fullest. 



In another similar incident, Kerry Bremer, a teacher from Massachusetts, adopted her student with Down Syndrome after his mother died from breast cancer. ABC News reported that Jean Manning and her son Jake relocated from Florida to Massachusetts in 2015 to seek improved medical care for her terminal breast cancer, little did she know the move would have a profound impact on her son's life. 

After moving to Ayer, Massachusetts to receive treatment for her terminal breast cancer in 2015, Jean Manning found a school nearby for her son Jake, who has Down Syndrome. Jake's teacher at the school, Kerry Bremer, grew attached to him immediately and began to worry about his future after his mother's passing. She discussed the matter with her husband and they came up with a plan. Kerry offered, "If you need a backup plan for Jake, then our family is happy to make him part of our family." Jake's mother passed away in 2019 and he was eventually adopted by his teacher.

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