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Gender reveal goes hilariously wrong when girl hears she's getting another brother: 'It's blue!'

The daughter says, 'I wanted it to be a girl' and starts crying. Her mother tells her, 'Vienna, it's okay!'

Gender reveal goes hilariously wrong when girl hears she's getting another brother: 'It's blue!'
Cover Image Source: Instagram/ @angela.holm

Children are very unpredictable and one can't be sure how they will react at a particular moment. However, their responses are the most honest and pure as well. In an Instagram video shared by a mom @angela.holm, she captured the moment the gender reveal she'd planned for her three kids went hilariously wrong.

Image Source: Instagram/ @angela.holm
Image Source: Instagram/ @angela.holm

In the video, the mother can be seen offering a cupcake to each of her kids—two sons, and one daughter. She asks, "Is everyone ready?! Okay. Take a bite." Then Angela asks them, "What color do they see?" And the daughter responds, "Blue." So she asks her, "What does that mean?" The girl says, "A boy."

The daughter immediately responds, "I wanted it to be a girl" and starts crying. Her mother tells her, "Vienna, it's okay!" But she goes on, "But it's blue!!! I wanted, I wanted pink."

Image Source: Instagram/ @angela.holm
Image Source: Instagram/ @angela.holm

Angela then asks her son, "What do you think, Zakkri?" He responds, "It's a boy."

"Yeah, you're getting another brother!" says the mother excitedly. But the daughter is still not very happy about the news and says, "Mom, I don't like brothers!" Mom tries to calm her down by saying, "They are like baby True," pointing at the youngest child. "But Mom, I want it to be a baby sister!" says Vienna again.

The video garnered more than 41 million views on Instagram. It is captioned, "GENDER REVEAL! This didn’t go as planned... I did NOT expect this reaction from Vienna! She’s okay! She just had super high expectations for a sister haha!"

Image Source: Instagram/ @angela.holm
Image Source: Instagram/ @angela.holm

People on the social media platform found her reaction adorable. "Tell her she will be the only GIRL so she inherits ALL of mom's jewelry!!," commented @maria_obana. "I say this went exactly like expected. Of course, she wants a sister, she has enough brothers already," wrote @ina.konig.963. "My mom has a video of me finding out my last brother was a boy... they played it for me the week before my wedding. I have 5 brothers, it’s awesome but I feel her pain!" shared @justashleyrose.

"I feel so sad for Vienna seeing she has two brothers and now a third on the way, I totally get her wanting a sister... But mom-to-be, congratulations on your baby's upcoming arrival," expressed @hellojennieg. "As someone with two brothers, I am with Vienna on this. She is absolutely right and I would cry too," commented @a_little_bit_of_blue.

Image Source: Instagram/ @angela.holm
Image Source: Instagram/@angela.holm

Though Vienna felt sad about having another baby, that's not always the case with siblings. In a TikTok video shared by @peytonsams29, a teen looks ecstatic to find out that she is going to be an elder sister. At the beginning of the video, the text overlay reads that she has always wanted to be a big sister. Later she gets to know that her mother is not welcoming one but two younger siblings. “Are you joking?” the teen asks her mom in complete surprise when she hears the news, “Wait, you’re joking?” "No, it’s twins!” her mom assures her.

Many on social media were touched by the teen's response. "She'll be a great sister. Me and my brother are 17 years apart. When our mom passed, I got full custody and get to be his second mom. He's 10," commented @rachelledeann. "I’m invested. I wanna see her with them now. Congratulations y'all," @idazm wrote.


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