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Little girl's adorable reaction to dad graduating is melting everyone's hearts: 'Love you, daddy'

While her father walked the stage to collect his final degree, she was seated in the audience cheering for him.

Little girl's adorable reaction to dad graduating is melting everyone's hearts: 'Love you, daddy'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @aashishnalawade_

Parents are often part of all the major milestones of their children. Whether it is the first word, first steps, first day of school or graduating college, they always savor every moment of it. However, this little girl got the chance to witness her dad graduate and her reaction is absolutely priceless. The dad, Aashish Nalawade posted a video on Instagram of him standing on stage and his daughter congratulating him. The child’s adorable response has melted many hearts on the internet.

Image Source: Instagram | @aashishnalawade
Image Source: Instagram | @aashishnalawade_

In the video, Nalawade is wearing a red graduation gown, a black hat and he is walking on the stage to collect his degree. A woman congratulated him and asked him to walk further. After this, Shivaee, the man's daughter was heard shouting from the audience, “Congratulations, Daddy!” in her sweet little voice. The father also in response made a heart symbol with his hand and blew a flying kiss towards his daughter. This gesture made the crowd go, “Awww!” He then loudly said to her, “Love you!” and she responded, “Love you, Daddy!” A larger “Awww!” was heard from the crowd this time as a response to this adorable exchange. The woman on stage finally announced his name and he went ahead to take his degree.

Image Source: Instagram | @aashishnalawade_
Image Source: Instagram | @aashishnalawade_

The video gained 18.6 million views and is captioned, "Cutest father-daughter moment. My graduation ceremony wouldn't have got any better without my little princess. As her words echoed through the silent ceremony hall, 'Congratulations Daddy! I Love You!' My heart melted along with all the others present. Rather than the graduation award, I felt being a father to my daughter was the biggest accomplishment and achievement for me. She is the world's best daughter, but you know what people actually say, 'Like father, like daughter.' This was the cutest moment during my whole graduation ceremony that would stay alive in my heart forever. Love you, Shivaee!"

People on the social media platform also loved the father-daughter moment. @ummeemy3 commented, "Wow this is absolutely beautiful. I kept watching it over and over." @ashanamusisi wrote, "And it's one of the cutest things I've watched ever." @eneakelvinofficial shared, "This is so cute, melted my heart. Congratulations to you and your pretty girl." @tonya.ig expressed, "I had to find your post. What a reverberation of love we all need! Congratulations on winning in life and family."

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When Nalawade was 34 years old, he decided to pursue his master's degree. Earlier, he had worked as an engineer at the Merchant Navy for eight years. He quit his job when his daughter was born in 2019. After which, he started to work as a plant engineer and that's when his wife asked him to study further. He said, "I was hesitant going back to studies after 10 years felt odd, but my wife's support encouraged me. So I quit again and began applying. I finally got into a university in the UK," according to Tuko

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Once he got admission, he had to leave his family to pursue his studies. The day before leaving he took his daughter to a park and later went out for dinner with his family. He was a bit sad that he wouldn't be around. His wife assured him that they would be fine. "Her words helped. I told myself, 'After all, it’s all for them!’ and moved to the UK in January 2020," he said. He added, 'It took me a while to get accustomed to life there, but the evening phone calls back home helped."

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"My video calls with Shivaee were the highlight of my entire day," he shared. Finally, they were able to join him in August 2020. They together as a family attended Nalawade's graduation and he hadn't expected that his daughter would cheer for him from the crowd. He said, "After the ceremony, I heard a lot of people talk about ‘that girl who was proud of her daddy.’ And well, I hope there are several such occasions wherein my little girl is proud of me."

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