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Little girl's adorable drawing skills help grandma find her missing dog: 'She moved the whole city'

With her simple yet witty idea, the girl made sure that some search effort was made so her grandma wouldn't be heartbroken.

Little girl's adorable drawing skills help grandma find her missing dog: 'She moved the whole city'
Cover Image Source: Facebook | UrbanoZ Noticias

At times, kids amaze adults by coming up with simple yet brilliant solutions to problems. While grown-ups keep pondering over the consequences, children get into action. They simply don't wish to see their dear ones worrying about something. That was what an 8-year-old girl named Danna did for her grandmother, who was concerned about her dog, Pirata, when it ran away into the streets. Hailing from Chetumal, Mexico, Emilia— Danna's grandmother, was cleaning the sidewalk in front of her home and when she was distracted, her beloved pet sneaked out of the front door and ran away, reports The Dodo.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Sarah Dietz
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Sarah Dietz

Before the old woman could even comprehend what had happened, Pirata was nowhere in sight. Emilia asked for her family's help while she looked for Pirata around her neighborhood. Emilia's daughter Laura, Danna's mom, also joined the search. "When Danna found out that the Pirata escaped, she cried because she knew the pain that her grandmother was going through. She told me she would make some posters," Laura told the outlet. So, the thoughtful little girl used her drawing skills to create a poster for the missing dog. What stood out was how perfectly she had depicted Pirata. The white dog had black-colored patches around its right eye and back and Danna had portrayed it cleverly. 


Not just one poster, but Danna made dozens of copies and went around the neighborhood with her grandma to paste it on poles. As per Laura, Danna was quite passionate about art and one could see that in her "Wanted" poster for "Pirata Morgan." Things progressed faster when a family member shared Danna's poster with UrbanoZ Noticias, a local news website. "A Chetumal girl is looking for her puppy that got out of the house and might be scared. She made a picture so people could identify it. His name is Pirata and if you see him, please message us," the media channel's Facebook post read. Posted online on June 13, Pirata's picture sketched by Danna went viral and was shared over 2700 times. 


Little did the family know, Danna's poster going viral would make all the difference. Along with Pirata's picture, Danna had also included other details about where he lived and the phone number to be contacted if someone found him. "Please help us," she added in the end. Soon after this post went viral, several strangers started looking for the pup. To the family's delight, Pirata was found some 30 blocks away from its home. Emilia and her family rushed to the place where Pirata was seen and once they spotted the dog, they were totally on cloud nine

Three days after he went missing, Pirata reunited with his pet parent. "As soon as Danna found out, she got to hug him," Laura said. Without the 8-year-old's help, Pirata might've been forever lost. All this because Danna didn't want to see her grandmother heartbroken. Being so sensible and considerate at such a young age, she made a difference in her grandma's life. "It made me very proud. She moved the whole city with her drawing," Danna's proud mom said. True to her words, Danna indeed kicked off a search party just by putting pen to paper.

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