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Little girl radiates joy as she unboxes her mother's treasured vintage Barbie doll collection

Dolls are meant to be played with and this mom is feeling 'blessed' for being able to pass down her prized Barbie collection to her daughter.

Little girl radiates joy as she unboxes her mother's treasured vintage Barbie doll collection
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @brittanygabrel

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling starrer 'Barbie' has proven to become one of the biggest hits of summer 2023. As the Barbie mania sweeps over the world, it has hit most of us with a wave of nostalgia from the time when little girls used to play with these dolls. Several moms who used to cherish these iconic dolls as little girls are making videos about their doll collection and how some of them have saved their Barbie dolls up in pristine condition as well.

Image Source: TikTok | @brittanygrabel
Image Source: TikTok | @brittanygrabel

Brittany—who goes by @brittanygrabel on TikTok—is going viral for bringing out her prized possession consisting of vintage Barbie dolls and giving it to her daughter so she can play with them as well. The heartwarming video of the Barbie collector mom letting her daughter unbox all her collectible dolls is making people emotional. "My daughter and I opened all my ‘collector’ Barbies. I won’t raise her to miss out on living today," the text overlay on her video read which has amassed close to 1 million views on the platform. 

In the clip, viewers can see the mom and daughter sitting on the floor of what appears to be a playroom. The daughter tears through box after box of collector Barbie dolls with delight. Brittany further explained that as a child, she wanted to play with these dolls but resisted her temptation in hopes of making good money out of them in the future by reselling them in perfect condition. "I remember wanting to play with these as they stayed on a shelf collecting dust in hopes I could sell them and become a millionaire," she wrote.

Image Source: TikTok | @brittanygrabel
Image Source: TikTok | @brittanygrabel

"I loved Barbies when I was her age and had quite a setup. I still have most of them and all her furniture. I have been blessed to be able to pass them all down to her," the text overlay reads reads as she refers to her daughter who is obviously overjoyed to sort through her mom's treasured dolls. Even though a majority of TikTok users applauded Brittany for giving her doll collection to her daughter, the mom also had to face a few negative comments which mocked her for "wasting money on the Barbie dolls."

Barbie's official Tiktok handle also left a comment that read: "Love this Barbie bond." @circeandromeda wrote: "You didn't know it back then but 'this' is what you collected them for. What a beautiful memory." @lovelyleobrie cheered and commented: "I'm so glad I opened and played with every single collector/holiday Barbie. I always told my mom, toys are meant to be played with!" @manderpander44444 shared her personal memory involving Barbie dolls: "Perfect! I gave mine to my daughter during a particularly tough Xmas when we didn't have any money for presents. It was perfect."

Image Source: TikTok | @brittanygrabel
Image Source: TikTok | @brittanygrabel

The mom also made two follow-up videos answering people's questions about a particular Christman edition Barbie dressed in a hot pink gown and in another video she answered a person's rude claims about wasting money by showing the price of Barbie dolls in the market. "Wouldn't even cover the cost of books," she wrote in the caption of the third video where her daughter can be seen playing with the unboxed Barbie dolls. It's safe to say that Brittany has given her daughter a core memory she can look back at once she is older.

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