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Little girl surprises father with heartwarming 'Father's Day' gift after a tough week

The man shared a picture of the gift he received from his daughter and expressed how emotional it made him feel.

Little girl surprises father with heartwarming 'Father's Day' gift after a tough week
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Porapak Apichodilok, Reddit |u/FromBoomBapToTrap

Children are the greatest gift, bringing light and joy to life. A daughter recently won her dad's heart with a beautiful Father's Day gift. The emotional moment was shared by Reddit user u/froomboombaptotrap, who posted a picture of the gift and note. He explained why he was in tears, writing, "After a hard week, my daughter gave me this for Father’s Day. I cried a little…a lot."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kim Stiver
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kim Stiver

The picture showed a piece of paper with his daughter's handwriting, "Coupon for record shopping with... Expires never," with a smiling emoji and written below it in a small font, "60% off." Along with it was a $50 note and in the background, a card that read, "Happy Father's Day." People on Reddit found the child's gift and note heart-warming. u/too-much-yarn-help commented, "This is absolutely adorable but also I do wonder if they think that writing '60% off' will be honored by the record store."     

Image Source: Reddit | u/FroomBoompBapToTrap
Image Source: Reddit | u/FroomBoompBapToTrap

u/barisellie also agreed and wrote, "This is the sweetest thing ever!" u/veauxdeeohdoh expressed, "Keep it and bust it out at her wedding or graduation to redeem it." u/Independent_Ad_5664 said, "Aww too bad Sam the Record Man is gone! This is so sweet. I used to do this for my pops too." u/ljd09 shared, "Well, this made me smile, too." Gifts like these are what make fathers realize how much their kids love and care for them. Like in this story, the child knew that her dad loves records and wanted to give him something that he would enjoy. This is something the man would remember and cherish for a long time.

Image Source: Reddit | u/dbtl87
Image Source: Reddit | u/dbtl87

In another heartwarming story, a postman went above and beyond and made sure that a child's Father's Day letter to her late dad was delivered to the right place. Sianna Tully, an 8-year-old, asked her mom to send a letter to her late dad on June 20 last year. When the child asked her mom where their dad lived, the woman responded, "Heaven, on Cloud Nine." The girl wrote it and put it in a letterbox near her house in Bewicke Road, Braunstone, Leicester.

Sianna's dad passed away in an accident when she was 4 months old. Her mom said that as she grows older, she wants to know more about him. Sianna writes letters to him for every birthday, Christmas, and Father's Day. The letter she posted on Father's Day was found by a postman named Simon, who was shocked and emotional when he read the address, as he had lost his own dad last year.


He didn't want the letter to be thrown away in transit so he wanted to return the letter back to the family. So, he posted a picture of the letter on the Spotted Braunstone Facebook page where it received a lot of attention. He wrote, "I'm a postman in the Braunstone area; earlier today I emptied the red pillar box on Bewicke Road (junction of Folville Avenue) and there was a letter in a child's handwriting addressed to their dad in heaven, cloud 9." He added that he would like to reach out to the family and do a little something for the girl. The mom got in touch with the postman and he got the unopened letter returned to her. Later, he also gave a father and daughter figurine as a gift which the mom planned to keep for her daughter once she got older.

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