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Little girl singing 'You Got A Friend In Me' with her dad is melting hearts on the internet

The throwback of this adorable dad-daughter duet that went viral seven years ago is still loved by millions on social media.

Little girl singing 'You Got A Friend In Me' with her dad is melting hearts on the internet
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @clairecrosby

Traditionally, people try to showcase their talents when they get an opportunity on a public platform. However, with the internet connecting every corner of the world, all it takes for a good talent to be noticed is a social media post. Many parents harness the power of social media to exhibit their child's incredible talents and one such kid who went viral for her exceptional music skills was Claire Crosby. As one of the four kids of The Crosby Family, Claire is a passionate singer who started her singing journey quite early in her life. Seven years ago, Claire and her dad sang a duet of "You Have Friend In Me," by Randy Newman and got overwhelming on social media.

Image Source: Instagram | @clairecrosby
Image Source: Instagram | @clairecrosby

Years later, the Crosby family posted a throwback of that viral video and it still is as popular. In the video, 4-year-old Claire and her dad, Dave Crosby, make an adorable rendition of the 1995 hit. As the dad begins to sing the first verse while playing the guitar, his little one sits there enjoying the music. When the second verse was about to start, Claire hopped in. In her adorable yet pitch-perfect voice, she sang the lines, "You've got a friend in me. You've got a friend in me. If you've got troubles, I've got them too. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you." Pairing her beautiful voice with adorable expressions, Claire seemed like quite the performer who sings from the bottom of their soul. "Fun fact: this was an audition for America's Got Talent, but we made the link public and it went viral. Then we ended up on Ellen instead," the caption read.

Image Source: Instagram | @tomi_girl
Image Source: Instagram | @tomi_girl
Image Source: Instagram | @betty _bumble
Image Source: Instagram | @betty _bumble

This throwback video garnered over 25 million views on Instagram and people showered their love and adoration for the dad-daughter duo. "Oh my gosh! So young and keeping her voice on the key is very impressive. Dad is an excellent musician and singer as well. I needed this today. My son is overseas and my daughter is all grown up. Hold them, cherish them, kiss them, and spend all the time with them you can. It's all gone in a blink. Thank you for this. It was beautiful," commented @knifeoholicdad. "I'm pretty certain we will see this baby girl on a big stage one day. She has a soul protruding from her heart. Congratulations daddy," @bottomon72. "The facial expressions are cute. She feels the song in her inner marrows," wrote @rasco426.

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Seven years ago, when the Crosby family shared this video on social media, it blew up insanely, with over 150 million views. It caught the eye of The Ellen Show makers, who decided to make the dad-daughter duo recreate their version of "You Have A Friend In Me." As DeGeneres introduced Claire and her dad, Dave, the curtain opened to the father and daughter recreating not only the song but the entire scene setting of their original video. As the dad played the guitar and sang the first verse, little Claire caught up on the second verse. Holding the mic in her tiny hands, the 4-year-old fearlessly performed the song while adorably looking at her dad the whole time. Even after Claire has her songs now, she and her dad never stopped making wholesome duets.


You can follow The Crosby Family (@clairecrosby) on Instagram for more videos of Claire's music.

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