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Little girl shows off her exceptional cartwheeling skills while playing tee-ball: 'Go, mammi go'

Her adorable skills were recorded on video by her father, who cheered her on to do more cartwheels.

Little girl shows off her exceptional cartwheeling skills while playing tee-ball: 'Go, mammi go'
Cover Image Source: Instagram/ @sal_digi_njrealestate

Kids just know how to enjoy themselves and are not worried about what people will think of them. Whether it's a stage performance or a game in the playground, they dance, jump and show off their own style, never shying away from doing what they want.

In one such adorable video, a girl named Mattea was at a tee-ball game when she was seen cartwheeling while running on the field.

Image Source: Instagram/ @sal_digi_njrealestate
Image Source: Instagram/ @sal_digi_njrealestate

The video was posted on Instagram by her dad @sal_digi_njrealestate. In the viral clip, the 6-year-old can be seen hitting the ball with her bat and while running, she cartwheels on the field. She does it every time she runs on the field. Her dad, Salvatore G DiGirolamo, can be heard saying to her, "Go, mammi go," as she hits the ball, and then as she cartwheels, he says, "Again." The video has more than 20k views with the caption: "There's no cartwheels in baseball!!!!"

People on the social media platform loved the child cartwheeling on the field. @bethlanai commented, "Could the cartwheel be any more perfect." @theeditorinchic wrote, "There WILL BE cartwheels in baseball, thanks to this little lady. Cutest thing ever!!" @bry.paz wrote, "New rule: if you do a cartwheel and reach first base, you automatically skip to 2nd." @born.on.saturn said, "I loved every second of this, she cartwheels and made it to first before any of the boys could get the ball. A little queen!!" @onlyleah commented, "I hope she cartwheels through life and continues to spread so much joy. I love her!"

Image Source: Instagram/ @sal_digi_njrealestate
Image Source: Instagram/ @sal_digi_njrealestate

The game was being played in Kenilworth, New Jersey, according to Good Morning America. This adorable video highlights how encouraging parents need to be when it comes to their children. Constant support and encouragement make them more confident as they grow up.


In a similar video posted on Reddit by u/mindyour, in the middle of a baseball game, a child can be seen doing his own instant playback on the pitch in slow motion. 

Meanwhile, the commentator provides hilarious commentary on the child's antics by saying, "Well he's too young to be on drugs but something's wrong with this kid. We haven't figured it out yet, Peter. Rounding 3rd meanwhile, the 3rd base coach is on his f***g cell phone. This game has been a disaster. The score is 27-3 and none of these kids can play a lick of baseball, the ball is shooting infield right now. It's been touched by every single player."

Image Source: Reddit/ u/mindyour
Image Source: Reddit/ u/mindyour

Although a coach tries to instruct the little boy, the young player pays no heed and continues to perform his slow-motion show. As he reaches the other side of the pitch, the commentator says, "No threat of being thrown out at home. But he's safe now." 

The video has gained more than 22k upvotes and is captioned, "He's doing his own instant playback in slow motion." Many found the child's actions adorable. u/Banana_Rama_Pajama commented, "Lol, he pushed the coach off. I'm doing a thing, Richard! Get off!" u/Secunda_Son pointed out, "They're little kids. You just put them out on the field with some equipment and let them do whatever. When I coach soccer, we are lucky if the kids just run toward the right goal."


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